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Criceto gioca nella sua gabbietta Ferplast
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Given their docile nature and size, hamsters are perfect for children. As with all pets, there is a whole world of hamster toys made with these cute rodents and their needs in mind.

Hamsters are also perfect companions, the right animals for people who can’t afford to keep cats and dogs at home. Hamsters are mostly nocturnal, which is why they go wild at night with games and activities. In order to keep the hamster stimulated, Ferplast has developed a lot of toys that can be placed in the hamster’s habitat.Criceto sulla ruota Ferplast

Hamster behaviour

Although hamsters are adorable pets, especially for children, they are solitary in nature and take a while to get to trust humans. Once a relationship of trust has been established, however, hamsters love to play in the palm of their owner’s hand. They are docile, gentle and not at all aggressive, climbing artists and acrobats. To keep these skills alive, it is essential that they grow up in a stimulating environment. Ferplast hamster toys, for example, are designed to keep their curiosity alive. Criceto guarda fuori dalla gabbietta Ferplast

Hamster toys that stimulate movement

Things that should not be missing from a hamster’s cage include: a plastic wheel with a diameter of more than 30 cm. This is a fun game and, at the same time, excellent exercise.

Wooden gnawing sticks. Specially designed to limit excessive tooth growth and keep them healthy, as well as being a pleasant diversion in times of boredom.

For the oral health of your hamster you can also try Tiny and Natural Apple Bag, the gnawing toy of the GoodBite line, made with natural, ecological, biodegradable and non-toxic components. It strengthens the teeth, encourages play and acts as a stress reliever. Also available in other fun shapes.Giochi per criceti Ferplast da rosicchiare

Modular playhouses and Gym area

In addition to all these fun accessories, you can connect your hamster cage to Lab, a transparent living module with a lid, using special plastic tubes and fittings. Running through the tubes and moving from the cage to the transparent house is a fun pastime for hamsters. In addition to the plastic tubes, there is also a sound tunnel, made of coloured nylon and containing a rattle, for playing hide and seek with your pet.

If your hamster is particularly active, you could try Combi 2, the compact hamster cage with Gym area, with a resin base and transparent plastic roof and metal grid. It comes complete with a feeder, a drinking bottle, a nest box, a set of tubes and a small gym, to combine comfort, fun and exercise.Criceto nella gabbia Ferplast

In short, once your hamster is comfortable in his new habitat, he is curious and lively. Hamster toys are just one more stimulus for our little furry friends to be active and happy.

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