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Christmas can be the right time to expand the family, to add some new little animal in need of your love and care. First, of course, the idea has to enthuse you, it’s something you need to think about, ponder over. We’re here today to explain the many benefits of getting an aquarium and adopting fish, making them a part of your household too.

Adopting one or more animals is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and by animal we’re not talking about a stuffed one or some video game. People who adopt animals commit themselves for a long time and know their lives will be filled with some truly wonderful times, but also that they have a duty to care for the animal(s) to keep them happy and healthy.

This is why we want to offer you 5 good reasons to get an aquarium this Christmas:

1 – PUTTING IT TOGETHER AND ‘FURNISHING IT’ IS A LOT OF FUN. Whether you’re an adult, or aspiring to be one, putting together an aquarium can be great fun. You need to furnish it, put sand at the bottom, find the shipwreck you like, add corals, amphorae and plants – there’s a vast array of stuff to choose from. And when it’s done, the pride and satisfaction is tremendous!

2- THERE’S AN AQUARIUM FOR EVERY BUDGET. From bowls for goldfish to the coloured aquariums for beginners, like Capri Junior by Ferplast, ideal for kids, or more adult ones that can hold up to 240 litres of water, like the Dubai 120. You can spend a handful of change for a nice bowl, or you can pull out your credit card to create a real marine habitat right in your own living room.

3- CLEANING IS EASY AND RELAXING. Dogs have to be walked with a given frequency so that they can ‘do their thing’, regardless of the weather, but an aquarium is easy to clean and there is no great sense of urgency. Spending some time on hobbies like this one even helps to relax your mind and focus on nicer things.

4- TEACHES RESPONSIBILITY to the kids. By giving a child an aquarium you can assess just how much sense of responsibility he or she has developed, whether they’re ready to dedicate a moment of their day to the tiny new additions. It could be a step towards the adoption of a puppy or kitten. You’ll be surprised by the sense of commitment and dedication even the smallest child can feel towards the family’s newest member.

5- GOING AWAY ON HOLIDAY WITH PEACE OF MIND. Compared to other pets, fish can actually be left alone for more than just a few days. The important thing is to have an automatic fish feeder, like Chef Pro from Ferplast.

Have we talked you into it?

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