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Calmer than a dog, more independent than a cat, bunny rabbits can be left free to jump around the house. Believe it or not, even rabbits can be trained to go potty in their litterbox. Build it and they will come!

First of all, you must install the litterbox, possibly more than one. At first, place a few around the house, then cut them down until only one is left, perhaps inside the rabbit’s cage. The rabbit litterbox must be filled up to a few centimetres with recycled paper pellets or synthetic grass – you won’t need a lot of it, as rabbits don’t dig around like cats do.

To help your rabbit get used to the litterbox, follow these four steps:

  1. At the beginning, your rabbit will need to get used to its cage, with a litterbox inside. A nice roomy cage, such as the Arena 120, is the perfect home for your long-eared furry friend. Just position its own rabbit litterbox;
  2. Once your rabbit is used to the litterbox, allow him out of the cage, fencing it off in such a manner that he gets used to returning to the cage whenever he needs to go potty;
  3. Then leave him free to leave the cage without a fence, but leave the cage inside a closed room, so he can quickly get back to his litterbox when needed;
  4. Once he gets used to the whole process, finally let him roam freely in the house, perhaps placing litterbox in several places, if your home is very large.

It’s important to remember that the space available for your rabbit should be increased gradually, not in a hurry, giving him all the time he needs to study the entire house. Leaving him free to play in a very large space won’t help him remember where his litterbox is located, it will make him feel lost, and he will end up soiling your house. If he insists on going potty in a specific place, leave a litterbox in the exact point.

In any case, rabbits are very clean animals, and dislike soiling their living quarters. Be patient and you’ll watch them become potty trained in no time at all.



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