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Once again it’s time to take a look at this month’s favourite pictures, and this time we will address the topic of beds and houses for dogs and cats. We saw all kinds of them in Instagram and you all obviously had fun taking pictures of your sleeping pet and sharing them with us on #ferplast.

The results of a quick survey showed that the most popular Ferplast bed is Siesta Deluxe, a cosy round nest made of thermoplastic resin with high edges and a low ‘doorstep’ so that even the smallest pet can get in easily. Siesta Deluxe is popular not just with dogs, but with cats as well, who love to get in there and slumber in the most delightful positions – as the photos of your beloved beasties showed us! The other stars of the pictures you sent were pillows and cushions with all sorts of designs and colours, like the ones of the Relax collection, with one side cotton and the other a warm fuzz… ideal accessories for the Siesta beds.

How do you go about choosing the right bed for your pet? To start with, don’t ever get one that’s too small! If you’ve just adopted a cute little dog, make sure you have a clear idea of how big he’ll get. Animals tend to grow fond of their beds, so it’s best not to change them too often. When they crawl in and smell their own scent they feel safe, so don’t get into the habit of changing it every two months!

There are all kinds of models for medium and large dogs, like the wooden KUNA model with a padded, double-face lining in two colours and a special bottom made of slats that guarantee comfort.

And now, sit back and enjoy the pictures of these sleeping beauties, or simply gaze into their big soft eyes.

Schermata 11-2457336 alle 14.50.12 cuccia-deluxe-ferplast cuccia-ferplas-1

Schermata 11-2457336 alle 14.52.58 Schermata 11-2457336 alle 14.50.34 Schermata 11-2457336 alle 14.51.38 bulldog-francese


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