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The days are getting shorter, our umbrellas are always within reach and jackets are donned before stepping outside. And our dogs? The cold doesn’t do them much good either, so it’s better to protect them with a nice warm coat, and even better if it has a touch of style.

Those who say that dogs don’t need a winter coat, that their own hair is more than enough, are ALMOST right. But only almost, because experts say that it all depends on the dog’s lifestyle and habits. For example: a dog that spends a great deal of time out in the garden running around, who has a dog house to nestle in, will obviously develop a nice thick winter coat of his own, with a fine undercoat to serve as insulation until spring arrives.

But what about the opposite scenario. What about those dogs, big and small, that live inside with us and really only go out when it’s walkie time? Those that are used to having the heating on, those that don’t naturally develop their own winter coat? These are the ones that have to be protected and a nice warm coat to wear really is the best choice.

Small dogs and dogs that are naturally thin suffer the cold, as do dogs that have problems growing their own coats for one reason or another as they have a hard time regulating their body heat. All of them should be helped out with some extra protection when they leave the warmth of the home.

This year, we at Ferplast have decided to make everyone happy with a vast selection of BAU BAU MODA winter coats for dogs, and we know that you, and of course your dog, are going to love them! Our coats are incredibly easy to use and have their own built-in collars, and with the special micro adjustments they will make any dog look really great!

There are all sorts of patterns and colours, from Kingo with its eco-fur animal prints, to Anastasia and College, for a chic and elegant look that remains timeless. But there’s also Anorak, with a double-face fabric, and the more sporty models with technical material like Sporting.

There is something for everyone here, all you have to do is choose the right model, the one that will best meet the needs of your dog.

Winter is around the corner, but we’re ready to face it without fear of the cold, and with a really trendy look too!

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