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Canaries, budgerigars, parrots, finches and cockatiels: these colourful birds have different characteristics and needs, but some can live together under the same roof. Let’s take a look at what we can do to manage spaces and different species.

Bird lovers want nothing more than to be able to admire different species in the same place. In addition to being beautiful and intelligent, birds are also delicate, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a single aviary inhabited by several different birds. Just follow some simple tips and learn to manage different species while guaranteeing an easy, natural life together.


The first step is to choose an aviary. Unlike cages, aviaries are roomy enough that birds can fly inside them. Every bird needs its own space, so be sure not to put too many in your aviary. You should also know which species can’t tolerate each other.


Canaries, the most beloved and popular of domestic birds, hate solitude; always raise them in pairs. Thanks to their sociable character, they can easily become roommates with other species – they love the company of zebra finches and other indigenous and exotic finches of similar size. Diamond doves are also very docile and easily adapt to an already populated aviary.


If your aviary is roomy enough, make sure to get some king quails, docile birds and perfect tenants: they feed on bugs, berries and seeds, and will help keep the bottom of the cage clean as they pick dropped food from the floor.

quagliette_cinesi_ciboParrots are company birds, but their DNA carries characteristics of wild animals. They’re very territorial, and might be somewhat aggressive when placed in the company of other birds, especially if smaller than the parrots themselves. Due to their tendency to look down on other birds, it’s better to leave them to the company of their own species.

pappagalli_convivenza_con_canariniThanks to latest-generation aviaries, it’s possible to host different species in the same “residence”. We’re talking about Ferplast’s Duetto aviary, two-story structures which can be turned into a single-room home by removing the upper drawer. The bottom of each floor has a convenient dirt tray that is easy to remove – cleaning your aviary will be a breeze.

duetto_ferplast_prezzo caratteristiche_voliera_duettoquagliette_cinesi_voliera

With such an aviary, there’s room for everyone. Just keep in mind which species are a good match together, to ensure them peaceful home-sharing conditions.


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