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Rabbits love to hop around the house freely, but they also need to have their own little place to live, that is, a cage or rabbit house they can call their own, a safe place in which to leave them when you have to go out for periods of time. Depending on how much space you have you need to decide whether to leave your pet indoors, out in the garden or on the balcony.

There are many types and sizes of rabbit houses. These cosy little houses have to be properly furnished so that your rabbit is as happy and comfortable as possible, and it needs to suit his basic needs: rabbits need plenty of space to move around in, to play and stretch in, as well as a safe and cosy corner in which to curl up and sleep at night.


And then there’s the question no one seems to have an answer to: what is the best place for the rabbit house?

Everything depends on just how much space you have available, and if you keep Bunny in the house then you need to find a quiet but not completely isolated spot. Rabbits should not be subjected to the noisy stress of the TV, telephones ringing, stereos going and dish washers clanging away. And he needs to be kept safe from other household pets like cats and dogs. The rabbit cage should be in a nice dry room, especially in winter. The living room is actually a good place for it. The hallway and entrance area of the house where everyone passes is not such a good place as he won’t get the rest he needs, and the kitchen and bathroom exposes Bunny to humidity and smells that might be harmful to him.

Not only, but the cage should be far from draughts and excessive heat, which rabbits don’t tolerate particularly well. If you plan to keep your furry friend out of doors, the ideal place would be a covered balcony or under an awning or roof in the garden so that he won’t get direct sunlight nor get wet when it rains.


Ferplast’s Arena line models are ideally suited for indoor use. These rabbit cages do not take up a great deal of space and, above all, they are easy to handle. When it’s time to mop the floor, you can just pick it up and move it elsewhere as you work. The cages come in various sizes and provide your rabbit with all the comfort he needs.  They are stable and have legs that settle it safely and comfortably on the ground.

Rabbit houses with proper roofs, like those of Ferplast’s Ranch line are ideal for use out of doors. They are made of Nordic Pine treated with a non-toxic, mould-resistant, organic varnish applied using flow-coating technology.


Whether you keep your bunny rabbit in the home, the garden or on the balcony it is important to try to create a pleasant, familiar environment for him, and you should never leave him alone for extensive periods of time, he’s a social creature and loves your company!

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