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This is the world’s smallest dwarf hamster, and when compared to its larger cousins, it’s more dynamic and more playful, and also lives longer. Let’s find out more about the characteristics and needs of this friendly little animal!

Robovorski hamsters are named after the Russian scientist who first discovered them in Mongolia, and they’re exceptionally lively animals. This soft brown little hamster has white and black markings that distinguish them from other hamsters. They’re only 6 cm long and weigh no more than 30 grams. Their liveliness, however, doesn’t stop them from being particularly timid and delicate: they don’t love being touched or caressed, and will always try to escape from your hands. You’re better off watching them play in their will or run around in their pipes inside their cage.

A tireless wee animal

Don’t let yourself be fooled by their shyness. Roborovski hamsters love to have fun, and their cage should be equipped like a gym so they can keep in shape and play. Ferplast has solved this problem with its cages, such as Olimpia, designed for little pets that are always moving around, to keep them in shape and help them have fun!

They particularly love hamster wheels, but make sure they can’t use them as ladders to escape through the little door on the top of the cage! Keep in mind that they’re really tiny, which means they can squeeze through the smallest of openings. Select a sufficiently roomy cage with bars that are close together, or with plastic walls.

spacious and large cage for hamsters Olimpia by Ferplast

Olimpia: large hamster cage, with tubes and playing area

Taking care of your Roborovski hamster

For health purposes, clean its cage every two or three days. Hamsters are very fastidious by nature, so don’t worry about their personal hygiene.

Like all hamsters, Robos can be fed a mix of not overly fat seeds, a small amount of fresh fruit, such as apples and oranges, and loads of vegetables, such as lettuce, as long as they’re not refrigerator-cold. Every now and then you can also offer them egg-based rodent biscuits.

If you intend to buy more than one Robo, keep in mind that males are not particularly social when it comes to other hamsters, but a male can live peacefully with a female Robo. 

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