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Affectionate, funny and rather fearful: in case you haven’t realized yet, we are talking about one of the pets that children love the most – bunny rabbits. More and more families decide to adopt one, because they are small and they don’t require excessive care. To help you get to know these fluffy little animals better, we have compiled a list of interesting facts about them

The rabbit is an animal with its own personality. It loves playing and being in company. For this reason, it cannot spend all its time in a cage. Although it doesn’t require any special attention, it won’t turn its nose up at a little affection and some stroking and pampering. If you plan to bring one into your home, here is some interesting information that might be of use to you.

1. THEY ARE NOT RODENTS. Funnily enough, in contrast to what most of us might think, rabbits are lagomorph mammals and they are also herbivores. Therefore, they should never be without vegetables, hay and grass, in order to guarantee them a rich, varied diet.

lasciare-libero-coniglio-giardino2. THEY MUST NOT BE BATHED. Rabbits are very clean animals and they take care of their hygiene by themselves. If, for some reason, they get too dirty, we can wash them with dry shampoo or a little water, paying attention not to make any sudden movements, to avoid frightening them.

pettine-coniglietto3. THEIR TEETH GROW CONTINUOUSLY. It isn’t difficult to keep the growth of your bunny’s teeth under control. Just give him a special toy for his teeth, like Ferplast’s GoodBite Tiny & Natural Carrot and the problem is solved. These nibbling toys are useful for strengthening your rabbit’s teeth and also for keeping them well filed. They are also totally safe, as they are made from natural, non-toxic, biodegradable components, cleverly treated to avoid being absorbed by your pet’s body. They do not cause weight gain or cause problems if swallowed. They do not develop mould or harmful microbes and they do not have an expiry date. Perfect, don’t you think?

come-tenere-coniglio-giardino4. THEY SLEEP A LOT. We mustn’t be alarmed if we notice that our furry friend is often asleep. It’s in his nature to take about twenty naps a day. The amusing thing, though, is that his eyes remain half-closed, so that he is always ready to flee in case of danger. What a clever little fellow!

mangiatoia-fieno-conigli5. THEY PURR AND DO PIROUETTES. Have you ever admired your fluffy little friend while he jumps and turns somersaults? This is a rabbit’s way of showing us his happiness and that he feels at ease with us. When he purrs and rubs his teeth, however, he wants to be pampered and stroked.


You can now say you know these adorable creatures a bit better!

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