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Who’s in charge at home? If you live with a cat we are sure that he always wins! Cats are dominant and very persuasive animals, which is why they always manage to do what they want. Here are the 5 signs that show that the cat is the boss!

A dominant cat is not necessarily aggressive, but in the most extreme cases it can represent a problem to be solved for the coexistence with humans and any other animals in the house. Loving your cat does not mean being “succubus”, nor does it mean never imposing him rules.

But what are the typical situations that confirm that the cat is in control of the house? If you are a cat obsessed we are sure that you will see yourself in these cases.

1. The cat does everything that is forbidden

When you brought the cat home, you promised yourself not to let him get on the table, sleep with you, not to go into the closet or to expect dry food at any time of the day, and now the exact opposite happens? Well… it just means that you have completely bowed to his will! Resisting his big eyes and his nose it’s not easy, we know, but a little firmness wouldn’t hurt!

2. The cat only eats luxury food

If in front of the cats dry food’s shelf you select only the high-end ones and buy cans and packages of food at no expense, you show great love for the feline. However, if you believe that you are in control of the situation just because your cute cat is particularly sweet and rubs up your legs, you are wrong. It’s him who has once again circuited you. Get over it!

3. Your cat has more space in the bed than you

Do you know when the cat is the boss of the house? When he takes up the whole bed, even after buying him a king sized sofa. Not only that, sometimes you are so “under his power” that you do not get up for fear of waking him up and you keep on sleeping on the edge of the bed.

4. The cat meows and you immediately rush

Your kitten opens his mouth you immediately rush? If as soon as the cat hint a meow you show you are at his command, he will understand that just a few nods are enough to get your attention and will keep you on a leash forever!

5. Your cat has a lot of toys

You are a serial toy buyer for cats and every time at the supermarket you get an uncontrollable desire to buy your kitten a new one? Here’s another sign that you’ve literally lost your mind for him!

In how many of these situations do you see yourself? Is it finally clear to you who runs the house?

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