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Cane e padrona: momento coccole
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Just like humans, dogs have and must have their own rhythms. A regular routine helps our four-legged friends to live in peace. A lack of fixtures can lead to a state of agitation and affect the dog’s behavior.

It’s important to get your dog used to a precise schedule, regulated by his own and the family’s needs, especially when he is a puppy. Dogs don’t have a watch, but they mark time with their highly developed senses. Light, sounds and smells are elements that the dog recognizes and that allow him to understand time. Every moment of the day is characterized by those activities we do on a regular basis. Some of them are a must and should not be missed. We spent a day with Oliver, Laura’s Jack Russell Terrier, who took us into his magical world of kibble, walks, cuddles and relax.Cane in un momento di relax

The walks

The morning walk

Oliver loves to wake his mistress up early in the morning. Enthusiastic and wagging his tail, he can’t wait to go for his walk. Laura prefers the Flippy One lead, a retractable model that allows dog maximum freedom of movement, available in different colors and sizes, with extensible nylon cord or tape. Very resistant to pulling and tearing. A guarantee of protection for your furry friend and comfort for the pet parent.Dettaglio guinzaglio Ferplast per le passeggiate del cane

Walks are not only for stretching legs, but also for doing one’s own businesses. This is why it is essential to always carry a practical and friendly bag holder like Dudù, which is lightweight, compact and rechargeable. This accessory in the shape of a cuddly kitten has been designed to give a fashionable touch to your strolls. At the same time, however, it is very functional, as it can be attached to a leash or trouser loop.

Evening walks

Morning walks are followed by afternoon walks, which are essential for socializing with other dogs and getting some healthy exercise. And before Oliver goes to bed, he likes to go for one last walk in the fresh air. For moonlight walks, Laura chooses Ferplast’s reflective over-collars, such as Reflex – made of nylon, practical and simple, with a hook-and-loop fastener and edge covered with reflective bands. Or the Night Over Collar in silicone and flashing, which, thanks to the LED light, allows you to be visible up to 500 metres away.


Mealtime is Oliver’s favorite time of the day. An adult dog eats on average a couple of times a day, in the morning and in the evening. If, like Oliver, your four-legged friend is treated like a prince, you need stylish accessories for feeding time. The Desco Wood bowl holder, for example, is a feeding accessory made from wood and completed by Orion stainless steel bowls, which are hygienic, durable and easy to handle, thanks to the comfortable outer rim.Cane mentre mangia

Cleanliness and hygiene


After eating and having fun at the park, it’s time to think about hygiene. Taking care of your dog’s hygiene is an important part of the routine. Dogs should be used to cleaning from puppyhood. Your dog’s coat will certainly be shaggy after running around in the grass. To look after Oliver’s coat, Laura chooses the GRO combination brush, which has stainless steel wires with a resin end to remove dead hair from the undercoat. It is the perfect accessory for regular dog grooming as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Cane mentre viene spazzolato dalla padrona

Oral hygiene

Our Oliver is particularly fond of oral hygiene, which is why he loves to gnaw on Goodbite bones. Goodbite Natural satisfy his constant urge to chew and help him keep his teeth clean, strengthening them and reducing tartar build-up. Everybody knows that playing is one of Fido’s favorite moment (after mealtime of course!).Cane con gioco masticabile GoodBite di Ferplast

Comfort and games for when the dog is alone

When Oliver is home alone for a few hours, Laura surrounds him with comfort. So, the little dog enjoys all kinds of games. These include the knotted cotton rope, for example, an alternative to traditional silicone and latex toys. It is made of high-quality materials that are 100 % safe and has a stress-relieving function as well as helping with oral hygiene.Cane gioca con corda

When finally the night comes, the cuddling moment comes too. So, take your furry dog in your arms and nuzzle him with kisses. It’s good for both of you.

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