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Gatto annusa per terra e sente odore di candeggina
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Surprising your cat rolling around on a freshly cleaned floor is a common occurrence for feline owners. But why are cats so attracted to bleach? There is an explanation and it is based on scientific reasons.

Every pet parent is used to unusual behavior of his/her pet. Even cats sometimes have strange reactions. Sometimes their owners witness scenes that are truly surprising, such as a cat that suddenly starts running for no apparent reason, or that walks through his/her legs with insistence. One of the most astonishing attitudes, however, is the strange relationship between cats and bleach.

Why cats are attracted to bleach

Cat parents will certainly know this. Cats are particularly attracted to bleach. The reason can be found in the chemical composition of the substance. Bleach – so called because of its bleaching and disinfectant function – is a solution based on sodium hypochlorite. It smells very similar to chlorine. Its characteristic odor is like that of animal pee. When the cat perceives this smell, it feels threatened and feels the need to mark the territory. This is the case with all substances containing sodium hypochlorite.Gatto sul lavandino

Reactions of cats to bleach

There are two types of reaction in cats when they perceive the smell of bleach. Cats may simply sniff the surface that has come in contact with the bleach or they may rub themselves against it compulsively. The cat thinks that there is a fellow cat approaching and become aggressive in order to defend his territory.Gatto ha una reazione aggressiva

Use of bleach to clean toilettes: yes or no?

A discussed issue is the use of bleach in toilettes cleaning. Some say that using bleach encourages the cat to get closer to the litter box and thus learn to use it. Others claim that the cat may think that it has pee on it and avoids using it. It all depends on how your cat reacts to the smell of bleach, so there is no general rule for every kitty.

To ensure a clean and comfortable environment for your kitten, it’s important to choose a practical toilet that make the daily maintenance easy. An excellent choice for maximum handiness is Ferplast’s Ariel Home litter box. Ariel Home is a closed cat litter tray made of sturdy plastic equipped with a sieve system that avoids wasting litter and allows you to eliminate dirty litter and keep the clean one. It keeps the environment dry, which is so important for cats who love a clean space.Gatto esce dalla lettiera Ariel Home

Consequences of bleach for cats

It can happen that cats not only come in contact with bleach, but also drink it. In such cases no time should be wasted. The substance is highly toxic. The cat will have all the symptoms of poisoning and will need a stomach pumped.Gatto si struscia per terra

Even simple contact with bleach can be harmful to cats. Cats absorb the substance through their glands under their paws. In the long term this can have consequences for their health.

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