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Coniglio nella gabbietta
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The rabbit, thanks to his cute face and soft fur, is winning the hearts of many families. Therefore it is good to know his behavior. Have you ever wondered why the rabbit always moves the nose?

Rabbits have now become as much of a pet as cats and dogs. These cute small animals can sometimes behave in curious ways and make us want to know more. One of rabbits’ funniest habits is that of always wiggling the nose. But wiggling is not the prerogative of the domestic rabbit: wild rabbits and hares do it too. What are the reasons?

The rabbit wiggles his nose to regulate the body temperature

There are several reasons why a rabbit always wiggles his nose, even when he is asleep.
Firstly, moving the nose helps rabbits controlling the amount of air they inhale. In summer, when it’s hot, the movements become faster, in parallel with the heartbeat.Dettaglio naso coniglio

The rabbit moves his nose to take in information from the outside

The rabbit is the animal with the most developed sense of smell in nature. Through the nose – and its constant movement – rabbits pick up information from the environment. With his nose he can even feel danger!

The rabbit moves the nose to communicate with us

As well as being a tool for understanding the world around him, the movement of the nose is part of the rabbit’s body language. Through this repeated action, the rabbit communicates his state of mind to us.Bambina bacia il coniglietto

The rabbit’s nose moves at different speeds

What makes the difference between one mood and another is the speed of movement. Depending on the frequency of the contractions, the rabbit can be feeling different emotions.

When the rabbit’s nose moves very quickly, it means that our pet is excited or alert. The rapid up and down movement therefore indicates his degree of interest. If, on the contrary, the nose moves slowly, it means that the rabbit is in a state of tranquility and relaxation. Thus, fast movements are synonymous with alertness and excitement, while slow movements indicate serenity or boredom.Bambino accarezza coniglio

To make your rabbit feel at ease, it’s important to create a suitable environment for him. Your pet’s habitat could therefore be enriched with accessories. Have you ever thought about a rabbit house made of FSC wood, for example, as a piece of furniture for the hutch? With decorative holes that also serve as ventilation, it is a perfect hiding place, also available in various sizes. Alternatively, if you have the classical wire cage, you can choose a plastic hutch with a side entrance and comfortable steps to allow your rabbit to easily climb up and do some exercise. Coniglio nella casetta di Ferplast

Rabbit’s nose stops suddenly

If your rabbit’s nose stops suddenly, it means that the animal is stressed or worried. To stimulate interaction with the rabbit, simply imitate the rabbit’s nose twitching. This will attract the rabbit’s attention and his muzzle will return to full movement.Dettaglio naso del coniglio che si muove

So, don’t be surprised if your rabbit never stops wiggling his nose. This is just one of the surprising behaviors of the curious animal world.

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