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The cold weather and temperature fluctuations can give your dog quite a cold. This is a seasonal illness, from which he can recover in a few days. The important thing is realizing and providing treatment quickly.

Smell is the most important sense of Fido’s senses. Thanks to his nose, he is able to find his way and perceive and explore the world around him, so it is also our responsibility to try to protect our furry friend and prevent him from falling ill.

Symptoms and causes of colds in dogs

A cold is caused by temperature changes, by prolonged exposure to the cold and to bad weather, or by contamination from contact with another sick dog.

Colds in dogs occur in a similar way to humans, but considering the fact that the nose is the organ that a dog uses the most, having to deal with this ailment is a real nuisance for your pet.

The main symptoms include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, very hot runny nose and fever. As well as these, we can add lack of appetite and fatigue: in fact, your four-legged friend will feel tired even when trying to make the smallest movements.

Nevertheless, we would like to specify that these symptoms do not necessarily all occur at the same time, but that they should never be underestimated, even if they appear individually.

Cold remedies

Generally, when a dog catches a cold, it is gone in three or four days. If, however, the problem persists after that period of time, it is best to contact your vet, to make sure that your dog does not have tracheitis or bronchitis.

To limit the effects of the cold, this is what you should do for the first few days:

  • keep your dog in a warm, dry place and put his bed next to the radiator with a soft blanket inside;
  • keep daily walks short and make sure they take place during the warmer hours of the day. Remember to dry your dog’s paws when you return home;
  • put his coat on him and, for smaller dogs, a nice sweater;
  • make sure your pet is well-hydrated, encouraging him to drink as much as possible, to replace lost fluids and to maintain the fluidity of nasal secretions. You can add some hot broth to his food!

An excellent natural remedy is honey. Don’t give your dog too much, but if he’s coughing a lot, give him a teaspoonful.

By taking a few precautions, you can cure and improve your four-legged friend’s health and remember that a visit to the vet is always welcome!

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