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February is the month of love and kisses to give to your four-legged friend. But are you really sure that the animals are happy to receive this explicit affection demonstration? For example, have you ever wondered if cats like your kisses? Read the article to discover more

Recent studies have shown that the percentage of people who kiss their pet more than their partner is always higher … be sincere, you too, full of emotion and affection towards the four-legged, have pressed your lips on your cat’s forehead, giving him a kiss. Someone may have reacted well and someone else not.

What does the cat think about kisses?

If for us, humans, it is natural to embrace and kiss an animal we are particularly attached to, our feline friends could react not positively. Unfortunately, a gesture of affection of this kind might be experienced as an invasion of their living space and therefore they rebel against our initiative. This is because our body languages are different.

We can say that basically kisses are not part of the normal cat’s affection demonstration. There are cats who stand still in their place accepting our flatteries and others who suddenly feel like a cages. For this reason, before trying to kiss or hug the cat, it is good to try to understand his character and to respect his preferences and habits.

How to kiss a cat?

To have good chance that the animal is collaborative and serenely accepts the manifestations of affection, you must have a little patience, because the cat needs time to get to know and trust people. How to conquer a cat? Just be calm, find out his tastes, get closer and touch him by observing his reactions, spoil him a little by filling the bowl with his favorite treats and, only once you see him paceful, you can go further and give him a kiss on the head.

The Cat Kiss: does the cat kiss?

There is a feline equivalent of the human kiss: cats are said to basin with eyes! When the cat is perched on our belly or relaxed in our arms, and begins to look at us slowly closing his eyelids and then reopening them just as slowly, then he is showing us his love with a “cat kiss”, the feline version of our kiss!

Is kissing the cat risky?

But can kissing the cat be health risky? According to a research carried out in Colorado by Dr. Christina Nelson, the habit of kissing the cat in the muzzle and mouth areas would be very dangerous for humans, because it promotes the passage of germs or potential diseases. However, to avoid any risk, it is sufficient to deworm him regularly, always wash your hands after playing with the cat and do not kiss it when you have a fever as you have lower immune defenses.

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