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If a puppy has recently joined your family, you will no doubt be wondering how to teach him not to tug on the leash when you take him for his first walks. Whether you are a newbie with a puppy or have a bigger pooch who refuses to obey your commands, there are some simple things you can do to solve this problem and finally enjoy your strolls!

Before we teach our four-legged friend not to pull, it is important to understand the reasons that provoke him to pull. Does he do so because he wants to reach a goal? In some cases, yes, but sometimes he does so even if there appears to be nothing ahead of him.


As dog trainers can confirm, dogs pull because they think this is precisely what we want from them, given that we are applying resistance from the opposite end. For some reason, dogs have an instinctive desire to tug when sensing pressure on their chest or neck.

To accustom our beloved canine to behave on the leash requires practising in an open space, where the dog is able to move about freely without bothering anyone, before we can head to more crowded areas. All that is required is a medium-long leash like Ferplast’s Daytona Gummy or Ferplast’s Sport Dog long line, a collar, some treats and a little patience!


If your dog seems agitated when the collar and leash are put on, do not be alarmed – it is a normal reaction before a foreign object and, for our part, we can reassure him with a little pampering. Once the pup is used to the situation, we can get underway and start walking, trying to stay by his side. If the dog starts to pull, we absolutely must not resist with force, but slow down and give him the command to “sit”. If he listens, we have to reward him with a morsel and a pat. In this way, we associate the reward with his correct way of behaving. This operation is repeated until our furry friend comprehends that he must stay by our side.



It is important for us to understand that the leash should not be used to manoeuvre or direct the animal, but must respond to the pup’s movements, without it ever being in tension when we take Fido for a walk!

Thanks to its ring system, the Daytona Gummy can be easily lengthened and shortened according to our needs, extending from a minimum of 120 cm to a maximum of 200 cm. This leash has a sturdy nylon and rubber weaving that guarantees high adhesion and withstands the stresses and jerks of the animal, being equipped with an automatic clip that attaches and unhooks to the collar with a single gesture.




This simple training method is perfect for putting into practice when the pooch pulls on the lead too much. You will soon see that with just a few attempts, you will be able to head out for a walk with Fido in complete serenity!

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