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If your cat has refused to drink the daily quantity of water that you left him in his blow, you need to “use a more forceful approach” in order to correct the situation. When kitty doesn’t drink much, he might run into health problems and, for this reason, we want to reveal a few little tricks to you, so that you can convince him to drink!


If you want to encourage your furry friend to hydrate himself more, don’t underestimate the condition of his bowl. Remember to:

1. Change the water every day and fill the bowl to the brim. Cats detest finding stagnant or warm water and they don’t like having to lower their heads into the bowl and bend their whiskers; therefore, it is fundamental that you fill the bowl up well with clean, cool water at least once a day.

2. Always use separate containers for water and food. Cats are very sensitive and if they perceive (even once) a strange smell in the water bowl, they lose their desire to drink. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to keep the two separate containers at a distance from each other

3. Wash the bowl well. Cats are clean, fussy animals and this is why it’s important to always clean the bowl with a sponge and disinfect it with soap at least every other day.

4. Place several bowls around the house. In fact, placing various bowls in your furry friend’s favourite corners is a trick that works, as your cat could be attracted by the novelty and will not get bored, nor will he become accustomed to the smells.

Water fountain

The fact that cat’s can’t bear water is merely a legend. Far from it: in fact, they adore watching the bubbles and the sound of the water as it moves. Have you ever noticed your pet drinking from the tap? Here is another effective ploy:

5. Use a water fountain. The spring effect of Ferplast’s Vega water fountain stimulates your pet’s natural need to drink; therefore, Vega on the one hand guarantees that the water is continuously recycled, while on the other hand, it makes your cat curious. This is decidedly a good solution that allows you to avoid spending a fortune by leaving the water in the bidet running all the time!


A trick to ensure your cat is always well-hydrated is linked to nutrition:

6. Add some wet food to his diet. As well as the classic dry food diet, it’s a good idea to feed your cat canned food with morsels because they contain more water. Alternatively, you can add a little water to your pet’s daily meal and create a sort of soup.

We are sure that, by following these simple tricks, you will be able to make your cat change his mind!

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