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Dehydration not only affects dogs, as even cats are particularly susceptible. During the summer, when temperatures are higher, it is very important to ensure that our feline friends drink a lot of water to prevent this problem arising. Let’s look at what precautions can be taken to prevent our cat becoming dehydrated!

When a cat loses more liquids than it consumes, it becomes dehydrated. This can occur for a number of reasons, for example not eating or drinking enough, or as a result of heat stroke, vomiting and diarrhea. It is important not to under-evaluate this problem, since the proper balance of liquids is essential for maintaining the proper body temperature, the correct elimination of stools, ensuring good circulation and guaranteeing balance in critical body functions.


Younger and older cats are the weakest and most vulnerable, and thus the most at risk. Therefore, when we have such a feline at home, we need to keep an eye on this issue.

If we notice that our cat has a loss of appetite for more than 24 hours, it is weak and is breathing with an open mouth, most likely it is lacking – in a more or less severe manner – liquids. In this case, we can obtain additional confirmation by checking the gums, the skin and the paws. If the gums are dry and emanate a bad odour, if the skin is lacking elasticity and the paws are cold to the touch, we have reason to be concerned and should contact the veterinarian immediately.


So as not to find ourselves in this situation, we can simply try to monitor the frequency with which the feline is drinking, remembering to always ensure fresh and clean water is accessible. Anyone who has a cat knows how fussy they are, and merely detecting an unpleasant odour or seeing stagnant water, perhaps placed close to the bowl of dry food, could result in the passing of the desire to drink!


Using a fountain like the Vega by Ferplast is an excellent solution, both to entice the kitty-cat to drink, and guarantee clean water at any time, even when we are out of the house. Thanks to the spring effect, the liquid is constantly moving, thus stimulating the kitty’s natural need to drink, whilst the filter ensures it is always clear. The Vega bowl has three different watering points, one in the lower part and two at the top, so even the smallest kittens can safely use it. The ergonomic handles allow humans to easily move it from one place to the next around the house, whilst the anti-slip pads present on the base ensure maximum stability, so even if Felix gives it a whack with a paw, the fountain will not move.

installare_fontanella_vega_istruzioni rimedi_disidratazione_gatto

Water is a fundamental nutrient for the survival and health of our cat. Remember to never neglect this aspect of their diet and try instead to encourage them to drink as much as possible. Dehydration can be cured, but as the saying goes, prevention is always better!

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