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How many times have you been desperately looking for your cat without finding him or her? Our feline friends, as we all know, love to hide. But where? 

Let’s have a look at which are cats’ favourite hiding spots at home. 

Why do cats hide?

Hiding is in the nature of a predator like a cat. He needs a place to hide the objects he hunted, eat in peace and find peace. The reasons that lead a cat to hide are many and diverse. A kitten hides, for example, because he seeks the tranquility that only a secluded place can offer. We all know that felines love solitude and therefore often isolate themselves.  


The need for safety can also lead a cat to hide. The fact that that he feels threatened by something or someone makes him look for a safe spot to seek refuge. That is why cats’ favourite hiding spots at home are high up. 

Cats’ chosen hiding spots

How likely is it for cats to choose enclosed, dark and sheltered places to hide? Very high. As we all know, cats are big fans of places we would never think about to avoid being found.  

Here is a list of their favourite spots: 

Bushes and trees: cats’ favourite spots are high up. Sometimes there is even a risk that they won’t be able to come back down. That is why it is important to be vigilant: if the kitten is in danger, it will meow to attract the attention of its pet parent and ask for his help. 

If you want to offer your kitten a shelter from which he can control his surroundings, but that is not dangerous, Yoshi is perfect for you. This is a cat scratching post complete with a bed and a raised hammock. In addition, it comes with a sturdy sisal post so your kitty can scratch and have fun with the cute stuffed animal included.

Cars: the car is one of cats’ favourite spots to hide and not be found. They can seek refuge under the car or in the exhaust pipe of the engine: both warm and weirdly comfortable places for our feline friends. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention before starting the car, making sure that the cat is not nearby. 

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To avoid this danger, we recommend offering your kitten warm, sheltered places where it can take refuge. An example? Our soft and comfortable Pyramid cat house. Thanks to its special rounded shape, it creates an intimate and reserved environment, allowing your cat to enjoy some peace and quiet. It is ideal for even the most reserved of pets.

Plant pots: because they are small, cats appreciate outdoor plant pots as hiding places. Indoor ones can also be a good hiding place.

Neighbours’ house: to top it all off, cats love to hide in the neighbourhood houses. The garden or the garage are their favourite places! 

Dangerous cats hiding spots: be careful! 

Inside furniture: cats love to hide inside closed, dark places. Remember to be careful when closing a wardrobe because there is a risk of the cat sneaking inside without us noticing. Before your prolonged absence, such as a weekend away, we recommend that you always check the inside of the wardrobes!

Home appliances: in this case, the washing machine is a particularly dangerous appliance with sharing you space with a kitten. Cats love it for napping and relaxing. 

Cats’ favourite hiding spots at home are warm, sheltered places that provide them with less stress and more peace. 

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