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Raise your hand if you’ve never found your cat hidden in narrow spaces such as handbags, boxes, and bags, sleeping peacefully, perhaps while we’ve been looking for them everywhere for hours.

But have you ever asked yourself why cats love to hide in narrow places?

According to a university study carried out by veterinarian Claudia Vinke, of the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, this behaviour may derive from the fact that felines are natural predators. Hiding in a narrow place could make them feel safer and better hidden, just like when they’re attempting to pounce on their prey.


We’ve put together a bunch of very fun pictures to illustrate how creative our furry friends can be when it comes to hiding.


We from Ferplast have wished to indulge in this instinct, offering them the warmest, most comfortable hiding place your cat could ask for, and one of our novelties for 2015: Pouf. This is a soft, extremely cosy bag-shaped cat house that will surround your cat perfectly. More than an alternative to ugly cardboard boxes, Pouf will become your cat’s favourite napping place thanks






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