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Birds, like us, are affected by the temperatures that begin to drop. Finches, blackbirds, robins and more generally small birds struggle to resist low temperatures.

For this it is necessary to have more attention to help wild birds in the fall.

What to do to care for wild birds in autumn

1. Properly feed the wild birds

First of all, in the autumn season the birds need more substantial and caloric foods. We all have a piece of cheese, dried fruit or crumbs at home. They are perfect foods for this purpose.

Alternatively, passerines also love very much the mixtures of seeds of various types such as millet, hemp, oats and wheat, but also sunflower seeds and broken corn.

To help these wild birds on an ongoing basis, it may be helpful to get a specific feeder.  Ferplast’s proposals include the Jok range, which is made up of innovative products that make it possible to provide food and feed to wild birds.

Made of durable recycled plastic with a wood-effect finish, the silo feeders can be filled with one, two or three different types of seeds or peanuts, depending on the model chosen. Furthermore, Jok 2 has special compartments to supply clean and fresh water while in addition two specific compartments, placed on the side, where it is possible to introduce the balls of fat, very popular in winter.

2. Ensure a safe nest for wild birds

The best time to install a nest is certainly autumn. In this period of the year, in fact, the birds begin to prepare for the cold season, providing shelter from water and frost, which will then be useful in the spring to lay eggs, care for and raise their young.

Ferplast’s Nest line, made up of colorful outdoor nests, is perfect for taking care of wild birds.

All nests are in fact made of wood from responsibly managed forests. Each one has fun shapes and is painted with non-toxic colors. In addition, the whole selection is sold already complete with a metal hook to hang from the trees in the garden. Inside the nests, the birds will be able to find a quiet and warm refuge.

So here is all the attention to be had to protect and help the smallest wild birds during the autumn period. Discover the entire selection of Ferplast Nests and Feeders here!

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