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In the cold months, your cat will more likely prefer to nap peacefully at home to hunting mice in the garden. This means you’ll inevitably find more of its shed fur among the sofa cushions or rolling around in the corners. Whether your cat has short or long fur, you must always remember to keep it well groomed. Then the inevitable question comes: which brush is the best? Let’s have a look on how to pick a set of brushes and combs suitable for your kitten!

Grooming your cat is not always an easy task, in particular if you didn’t introduce this habit when he was a little kitten and he’s not used to it. However, grooming is crucial for your cat’s health, as it helps eliminate dead hair and keep his skin healthy.


Depending on your cat’s breed, which in turn determines his kind of fur, you’ll be needing different tools, but in general terms, your must-have items are a carder/rake, a brush, and a comb with tight teeth.

In some seasons, cats sport two layers of fur: superficial and hidden, the so-called undercoat. This is where a carder/rake comes in handy: it smoothens the superficial fur, removing dead fur and excess undercoat – exactly the fur that your cat would otherwise lick and swallow. The result is easy to imagine: less fur balls in your cat’s stomach.


The combined brush has a side with metal teeth that detangle and eliminate deep-seated fur, and another “normal” brush side, to eliminate dirt and leave your cat’s coat smooth.

To wrap it up, use a comb with very tight teeth to remove fleas, of which we’ll talk in detail in another article.


Depending on your cat’s type of fur, we advise:

1) SHORT-HAIRED CATS: Short, straight fur is easier to keep clean, and for this type of fur just brushing your cat once a week is enough. Ferplast’s combined brush is a great solution, as it is at once a carder/rake and a soft brush, to detangle fur and remove excess undercoat, all the while leaving your cat’s fur soft and glossy.

2) MEDIUM-HAIRED CATS: Medium hair requires more frequent care; these cats must be brushed at least twice a week. It’s better to use a carder/rake, designed for deep and decisive action without irritating your cat’s skin. Ferplast’s model comes with stainless steel bent teeth, extremely effective in removing the dead undercoat. The result is correct, adequate regrowth.

3) LONG-HAIRED CATS: Long-haired cats are marvellous to look at, but must be brushed every single day. It’s better to start with a wide-toothed comb, especially if your cat’s coat is slightly curly; then move on to a carder/rake, to avoid the formation of felted fur.


For sensitive cats, or to gradually introduce your kitten to grooming, the best solutions are carding brushes with plastic teeth and rounded tips, decidedly more delicate when applied to your friend’s skin.


Just make sure you always brush your cat with absolute care, especially in delicate areas, such as belly, ears and head. Of course, don’t forget to reward your friend with lots of cuddles when the grooming session is over!


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