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Cats really love playing hide-and-seek. These felines have an almost physical need to hide and isolate themselves from the rest of the world, to relax and take a nap or simply because they love to ambush their owners. But where do they usually hide?

Why do cats love to hide?

The cat is a very clever animal and skilled in hiding himself, he usually it manages to find some really unlikely places and stand still in the same place and in the same position for hours, even though there are people out there desperately searching him.

Cats hide for various reasons. The first is closely connected to their nature of wild and predatory animals, driven to lurk far from prying eyes and then strive for lightning ambushes to poor preys that, naively, fall under its clutches. The second reason why they love to eclipse is linked to the desire to find a place of peace and solitude, where to rest and recharge their energy.

Cats that suffer from anxiety problems, fears, phobias or particularly sick cats, could spend their day hidden under some furniture: this is the only case in which it is appropriate to be alarmed and check their state of health by consulting possibly even a veterinarian.

But are there cases in which felines intentionally play hide-and-seek with their owner? Yes, sometimes a cat who is very familiar with his human friend, could escape to some secluded place to be searched. It’s a way to have fun and feel at the center of attention!

Where do cats hide?

The favorite places for cats to hide have common characteristics: they are generally dark, warm and difficult to reach (if not by them!). These animals love to penetrate the bushes and doze off in the trees in summer, when the vegetation is lush; shut themselves up in the closets and doze over the clean and perfumed sheets, but do not disdain the tallest bookcases or shelves in the house.

If you want to ensure a new hideout for the cat, you absolutely must give him some closed bunks, the famous cat niches, which look like real little houses: without a shadow of a doubt they make the cat feel in a real fort, safe and protected from any threat and in the right place to lure you a trap!

The best cat houses

Two Ferplast cotton houses suitable for the more traditionalist cats are Alveo and Tipi. Alveo has a particular rounded igloo shape with a front opening to allow the furry to observe the surrounding environment and is completely padded to ensure maximum animal comfort; Tipi is characterized by a frontal opening and is equipped with a comfortable internal cushion and a practical fabric strap placed on the roof to easily move it from one place to the other.

For the more lively cats, we recommend Pyramid and Cleo. Pyramid is a small house in the shape of a pyramidal tunnel, with two convenient openings to allow your friend to enter and exit easily; Cleo, on the other hand, is the cat house that resembles a box in its shape with a hole in the center to allow your friend to jump into it. It’s a hoot!

Basket-shaped, roomy and deep, Pouf and Mellow. Both models feature a large entrance and inside are lined with a soft and warm plush, which will provide greater comfort and protection, especially during the winter months. Perfect shelters for cats of all ages!

Do your cats play hide-and-seek as well?

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