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Have you ever wondered that Christmas means to your cat? The answer to this is actually quite simple: cats are curious and energetic little creatures and so they react to the many stimulating novelties the season brings just like most of us do: with great joy and enthusiasm!

Cats love it when Christmas time comes around! The house gets filled with all kinds of new attractions like the tree, bright lights, decorations and plenty of yummy treats and surprises! Here is a brief list of the positive aspects that make your cat the happiest of animals when December comes around.

Love and toys under the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a playground for cats. Their natural need for exploration makes the tree and all of its lovely decorations a veritable gym, a jungle in which to hone all of its pent-up predatory instincts. They love to throw themselves at the tree, grab the balls, they adore the sound of the pine needles and the bouncy branches that dance under their little paws as they grab hold.

This means, of course, that you’ll have to spend some time every day picking up the decorations launched from the branches, but oh what fun it is to watch kitty have such a great time!

Christmas gifts for your cat

There should be a gift for every member of the family under the tree. And that means the cat too! It should not be left to simply watch the humans open their packages! So, on your list of things to get for others you absolutely have to include the cat.

There are many gifts that your cat would be happy to get:

1. a Ferplast scratching post on which to file its nails at will, something that satisfies its natural instincts to scratch (and it also spares your furniture from ruin!);

2. classic toys like a little fishing rod, or a fun laser beam to chase around, little bouncy balls to bat about, all great gifts that also stimulate kitty’s intelligence and instincts;

3. a nice new comfy Ferplast pillow or an enclosed cat bed to hide in, to give it its own space far from prying eyes;

4. a nice new Ferplast food dish sporting the latest in design trends, ideal for making mealtimes even more memorable and fun.

Just a little bit of fantasy makes it really easy to amaze your cat!

Cuddles and family warmth

Cats are empathetic creatures. They are sensitive and perceive the moods of the family they live with, both positive and negative. Usually, moods are relaxed and joyous during Christmas, there are no timetables to respect, everyone can relax and forget about work for a while. Cats feel this and so they get more relaxed and happy too. Take time out to cuddle your cat some more, sleep with it and play together. Your cat will be so very happy and grateful!

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