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The Christmas holidays are a magical time to spend with your family and your four-legged friends. There are suitable places and others not recommended in which to bring the dog so as not to upset and traumatize him. Here is our handbook for celebrating the Christmas period with Fido in complete safety!

Street markets yes, but only outdoor ones

The markets are a real must in December! There are many squares that in this period are populated by wooden houses decorated with lights and themed decorations smelling of spicy foods and mulled wine. If you want to take a ride in one of the Christmas markets with your dog, prefer outdoor ones, as indoor ones may have limitations for the animals as well as being particularly oppressive for the furry friend.

In the city center if possible not during peak times

The risk of someone stepping on a foot or a tail is very high when there are too many people on the street. Dogs need to go out for a walk in the open air and it is right that they get used to being in places hanging out by humans for socializing, however we must not stress them too much by overexposing them to myriads of inputs simultaneously. Because of the frenzy of people trying to recover the last gifts and the chaos of city traffic, we risk frightening the poor animals, causing them stress and unpleasant traumas.

Walk on the snow with the right precautions

Almost all dogs love the snow, rarely are scared when they see it! During these Christmas holidays, allow yourself at least one day in the mountains or take the four-legged friend to the snow, after the first brief moments of wonder, he will break loose and start running and jumping with irrepressible joy. Pay attention to the temperature, however: dogs without an undercoat or with a thin coat, those with a short stature, whose belly touches the ground, can suffer from cold, so it is always better to stay out in the snow during the central hours of the day.

Pet-friendly restaurants and clubs with stops

Between lunches and dinners, during the Christmas period the hours spent at the table are just so many. If you cannot or do not want to leave the dog alone at home, make sure that it is accepted in the restaurant or by relatives before taking it away with you. Keep it by your side and don’t give him the food you have on your plate but put his favorite snacks in your bag.

However, we cannot force our furry friend to keep our pace, unlike us we they can’t resist sitting for several hours: from time to time, therefore, get up to stretch the dog’s legs.

The Christmas season is perfect to spend some time with our four-legged friends, with some extra attention you will be able to change it into some peaceful and unforgettable days!

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