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Gatto con la febbre si rilassa su cuscino Ferplast
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When faced with a cat with a fever, it’s a good idea to understand his actual state of health so that you can contact your vet if necessary.

The increasing temperature in a cat’s body is a physiological response to the virus attack. A cat with fever is down in the dumps and eats little, so it is worth investigating the causes.

When does a cat have a fever?

The body temperature of cats is higher than that of humans and is around 38.5°C. A fever is only defined as when the temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius.
The fever helps the cat to expel the virus from the body and, therefore, if kept under control, is a positive sign.
If, however, the temperature exceeds 41 degrees Celsius, the cat can suffer unpleasant complications, such as damage to internal organs.Cat with fever during the snuggles

Symptoms and causes of cat fever

A cat with a fever breathes heavily, is listless, lazy, slow and less hungry than usual. Poor personal hygiene is also a sign that something is wrong. 

The increase in body temperature can be due to various factors such as:

  • infections
  • inflammatory diseases
  • autoimmune reactions
  • tumours
  • fever of unknown origin.

It is sometimes the case that the cat’s temperature rises as a result of being in a very hot environment or after intense muscular activity. In these cases there is no need to worry.Cat with fever in Ferplast bed

How to take the temperature of a cat with a fever

The only way to know whether or not a cat with a fever is cause for alarm is to take his temperature. To do this, you will need a paediatric rectal thermometer, preferably digital and not made of glass. 

As the illness makes everyone more susceptible. A feverish cat may be annoyed by the measurement, which is why it is advisable to take a treat, lubricate the tip of the thermometer, get help to hold the cat still, lift his tail and gently take the measurement. 

After a few minutes, the thermometer can be taken out to read the temperature and the cat can be rewarded.

What to do if your cat has a fever

If your cat has a fever, you should always contact your vet. 

However, you can also take care of your cat at home, so that he can recover more quickly. The advice is to prepare a comfortable kennel such as Ferplast’s Sofà Tweed with a soft velvet cushion and surround him with pillows and blankets where he can relax in the warmth. 

It is well known, then, that cats love to hide in the least frequented corners of the house, and this also happens when they are ill. For this reason, a Pyramid shelter, for example, the soft padded cotton house by Ferplast, is ideal for peace and quiet and getting back in shape.

Cat with fever and Pyramid by Ferplast

Before worrying if your cat shows symptoms of fever, you should make sure the temperature is above 39°C and, if necessary, contact your vet.

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