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Cane dolce con padrona
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Dogs have always been called man’s best friend. The sweet and loving dog is the best buddy for every human being.

It’s a matter of fact that dogs have different characters, some are more affectionate, and some are lonelier. Of course, it can vary depending on the breed.

Which are the sweetest dog breeds?

Precisely because dogs have always been regarded as man’s inseparable buddies, it’s difficult to say which is the ultimate pet dog. However, there are some breeds that are more affectionate than others. 

These include the:

  • Golden Retriever, used in pet therapy for his extraordinary relational qualities; 
  • Labrador, which is easy to educate and suitable for living with children;
  • Border Collie, which is also considered the most intelligent breed;
  • English Bulldog, lazy and, therefore, a good companion on the sofa;
  • Dalmatian, affectionate and active, ideal for those who enjoy sports.

Other loving and docile dogs’ breeds are the Dachshund, the German Shepherd, the Pug, as well as half-breed dogs, often abandoned and eager to find someone to love.Adult Golden Retriever, one of the most gentle dog breeds

How do you recognize a gentle dog?

You can recognise a gentle dog by his readiness to be with humans and his attachment to the owner. This can depend on factors other than the breed. If, for example, the dog was adopted as a child and grew up in a family, it will feel comfortable with humans and will be more likely to form a relationship with them. 

Sometimes, however, this relationship can lead to overprotection, which must be kept under control.

What does a gentle dog do for his owner?

The sweet dog gives his owner special attention, especially when the pet parent is. Pets sense changes in our moods and step in to support us. They rarely leave us alone when we are feeling bad, but rather stay in close contact with us. Contact is the sweet dog’s way of letting us know that we are not alone.Border Collie, one of the most gentle dog

His company is a panacea on bad days. To make us smile, he makes funny faces and lays down on his stomach to be petted. Letting themselves be touched in the most vulnerable part of their body is a sign of extreme trust in us and a way of receiving and giving attention together. 

Furthermore, to establish a relationship of empathy with us, dogs look us straight in the eyes to read our emotions and behave accordingly.Gentle dog with children

A sweet and affectionate dog cheers us up when he sees us sad and does everything he can to be close to us and give us support. That’s why a dog is an excellent life buddy.

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