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Gatto triste che dorme sul divano
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We often look at our cat and think what a good life he has. However, he can suffer from depression too and the signs of having a sad cat around the house are obvious.

Although it sounds strange, a cat can suffer from sadness as well as humans do. A sad cat is apathetic and sleeps more than normal. This can be caused by a lack of stimulation and curiosity.

What are the symptoms that identify a sad cat?

Cats are prone to sadness. If this bad mood is not resolved, it can lead to depression. The signs of a sad cat are:

  •  lack of appetite
  • apathy
  • excessive sleepiness

These behaviors are abnormal in cats that are playful by nature, sleep a lot (but no more than 15 hours) and rarely refuses food. If your cat often hides, does not seek physical contact, wanders aimlessly and cries for no apparent reason, then he is certainly a sad cat.Gatto gioca con tiragraffi a tappeto di Ferplast

A dull, dirty coat is also a warning sign. When a cat is sad, he tends to lick himself less and therefore stops taking care of himself.

What causes sadness in cats?

Most of the reasons for cats being sad are linked to a lack of stimulation. As a lively and independent animal, cats do not like small, cramped places. However, they are also very much a creature of habit, so any change in their routine is a potential source of stress and sadness. For example, the arrival of another animal, a move, or other changes in their routine. The early separation of the kittens from their mothers and vice versa can also be a cause of bad mood.

How to help a sad cat?

In order to help a sad cat, it is necessary to create a stimulating environment around him, made up of games and accessories, as well as care from pet parents. First and foremost, it is important to give your cat more attention, without overwhelming him. Play is an important part of your cat’s routine and should be stimulated accordingly.

Among the toys for sad cats, also useful as an anti-stress device, there are the scratching posts, which Ferplast offers in fun shapes and types, with columns, mats and complete with gym. Scratchers are useful for clipping nails, stretching, exercising reflexes and helping your cat to stay active.Gatto gioca con tiragraffi

To revive your cat’s hunter instinct, on the other hand, you can opt for toys with plush pendants, to stimulate pursuit. Ferplast proposes them both in plastic and in wood. Or the plush mice with a vibrating body to stimulate the cat’s predator instinct.

If your cat is sad because his routine has been altered in some way, you need to get him used to the changes gradually, making sure that he is not affected.Gatto gioca con accessorio Ferplast

When you notice signs of sadness in your cat, it is important to do something immediately, but, if the discomfort persists, it is better to contact your vet and not let too much time go wasted.

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