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Gatto punto da un'ape sull'erba
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Cats are curious animals who love being outdoors and in nature. This increases the risk of coming across animals and insects such as bees, which may be dangerous for their health.

Just like humans, cats can be allergic to bee stings. When a cat is stung by a bee, it’s important to check his situation. Here is what to do in case of a sting.

The cat has been stung by an insect

First of all, you need to find out whether your cat has been stung by a bee or another insect. Depending on the insect, the treatment changes. However, when in doubt, it is always best to contact your vet.
To recognize a bee sting, it is sufficient to find the sting attached to your cat’s skin. As a matter of fact, bees release their sting, whereas a wasp does not.Immagine di due api su un fiore viola

What to do when your cat has been stung

Check if the cat is having an allergic reaction

When we suspect that the cat has been stung by a bee, we need to check first whether the cat is having an allergic reaction

The main symptoms are:

  • difficult breathing
  • swelling of the muzzle
  • weak or accelerated heartbeat
  • fainting

Vomiting or diarrhoea may also occur within 5-10 minutes after the sting.

Remove sting and reduce swelling

Once the cat’s condition has been ascertained, it is necessary to identify the area where the bee stung the cat and remove the stinger, scraping it gently with the nail to prevent it from continuing to release venom.
It is then necessary to treat the sting with ice packs to reduce the swelling.Alex, gatto del Bengala ambassador Ferplast in mezzo alla natura

In any case, once the first treatment has been given, it is advisable to contact your vet to control the state of your cat’s health.

What not to do if your cat has been stung by a bee

It is essential to avoid giving human medicines, which are harmful and lethal to felines, or applying non-specific products to the sting, such as gels or oils, which the cat could ingest while grooming himself. Most cats do not have any particular symptoms after a bee sting, apart from a slight soreness. Extra care should be taken if the cat is bitten in the mouth or throat.Gatto punto da un'ape dal veterinario

If you are worried that your cat has been stung by a bee and you are not sure on what to do, contact your vet, who will give you all the information you need to take care of your furry cat.

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