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Coppia di conigli domestici nella cuccia Ferplast
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Rabbits are perfect pets for those who have little space to welcome a new member into the family. They have a wild spirit, so they must be introduced patiently to the life at home.

Adopting a pet rabbit means a lot of love, but it requires some precautions for his safety.

Care when keeping a rabbit at home

Although rabbit cages and pens are safe and comfortable, they should be seen as shelters and not as permanent homes for rabbits. Rabbits should to be able to move around the house, just like cats and dogs, and enter and leave the cage freely.Coniglio domestico di profilo

Educating the rabbit in the litter box

To keep a pet rabbit in the house, it is necessary to educate it. The first thing to do is to train it to use the litter box, just like a cat. To promote the use of the litter box, it is advisable to clean it frequently, to place the rabbit directly into it and to limit the rabbit’s space so that he gets used to his new habitat.

Once the pet rabbit has learnt to use the litter box, it can finally be left free to roam around the house. Be careful when your rabbit is out of his enclosure and keep an eye on him to avoid accidents or nasty surprises.

Covering electrical cables

Rabbits tend to gnaw on electric cables and wires because they look like branches and roots. For this reason, it is best to keep them out of sight, either by placing them in a gutter to be fixed to the wall or by covering them with pieces of metal mesh that rabbits cannot eat.

To satisfy your rabbit’s desire to gnaw, there are chewable toys from Ferplast’s Tiny and Natural line, in the shape of cheese, apple, carrot and corn. These toys are based on natural components, reduce excessive tooth growth and encourage playing.Coniglio domestico con giochi masticabili Ferplast

Get rid of poisonous plants

For the safety of the rabbit, it is necessary to raise or get rid of plants that are potentially harmful to the animal, as well as detergents and other toxic substances. Among the most poisonous plants for the rabbit – and not only – are azaleas, cyclamen and ivy.

Do not leave your rabbit alone

For a rabbit to lead a happy life, it is essential that it can move around and feel safe. Furthermore, the rabbit is a social animal and loneliness makes him unhappy and more prone to disease.Coniglio domestico in primo piano

Before adopting a rabbit, it is important to remember that he requires care and attention. You’ll get back a lot of fun and love.

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