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Gatto in vacanza seduto a un bar
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Leaving your pets at home during the holidays is sad idea for all pet parents, even if cats are famous for their independence. Here are a few tips on how to take your cat with you on holiday and get him used to his new surroundings.

Even pets have the right to a few days of relax and a break from the usual routine. However, the change of environment is often a source of stress for pets. That’s why it’s important that the holiday house has all the conditions for a few days of peace and quiet for your cat.

Cats on holiday: Before departure

Before you leave, make sure that your cat has had all the necessary checks and that he is in good health in order to avoid any unpleasant situations when far from home. Then you need to prepare everything to ensure that your cat is not affected too much by being away from his usual environment. The items to take with you should include a kennel, a litter tray, food, bowls and toys. Having “familiar” things available will help your cat feel comfortable on holiday.Gatto in vacanza nel trasportino Atlas di Ferplast

At the holiday house

Once you have arrived at your holiday house, you should proceed with small steps. First of all, leave your cat in the carrier in a quiet place while you unpack, so that he can get used to his surroundings. Before letting your cat out, make sure that no doors or windows are open. Cats move quickly and the danger of escape is around the corner. Let your cat look around and gradually become familiar with the environment.

To ensure that your cat does not suffer too much from being away from home, try to recreate the same situations: place the water and food bowls away from the litter tray and change the sand in the toilet regularly to make your cat’s stay more pleasant. Place the kennel in a cool room to prevent your cat from feeling the heat. Leave only one room available for the first day so that your cat can adapt gradually. Gatto in vacanza con lettiera Ferplast

Cat on holiday: advantages

The biggest advantage of taking your cat on holidays with you is that you will not have to make up for leaving him at home on his own when you return. Contrary to what you might think, cats do not like to be alone and may suffer from separation anxiety. In fact, cats are territorial and creatures of habit and, just as they are affected by environmental changes, they are also affected by the absence of their pet parent. In addition, going on holiday together will strengthen your relationship.Gatto in vacanza gioca con gioco per gatti di Ferplast

Taking your cat on holiday with you means taking extra care to organize everything, so that your kitten feels the change as little as possible and enjoys quality time with the pet family.

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