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Cane di piccola taglia con la padrona
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Adopting a dog and welcoming him into your home brings great joy but also great responsibility. You need to be sure you can look after him properly and give him the attention he deserves. In this regard, adopting a small dog has many advantages.

Adopting a small dog has a number of positive effects. First of all it is more sustainable than adopting a large dog, which, due to his constitution, needs a lot of space to live in and requires more money. But surely, both will give you unconditional love.Jack Russel su cuscino Ferplast

Why adopt a small dog?

The pros of adopting a small dog are many.


Transporting small dogs is easier. Due to their size, they do not require particularly spacious cars or overly bulky carriers. Atlas Open, for example, is the Ferplast pet carrier for small dogs, suitable for all means of transport and with an opening roof to facilitate the passage of air. Small dogs can keep you company throughout your journey by train, plane and boat, while large dogs often have to be put in the cargo hold.Cane di piccola taglia accanto a trasportino Ferplast in auto


A small dog requires just as much attention as a large dog. However, the price of dog accessories is lower due to their small size. For example, owners of small dogs generally do not have to pay a surcharge on their ticket on public transports, unlike owners of large dogs. In addition, maintenance and grooming costs are also lower.Cane di piccola taglia dal toelettatore


Small dogs adapt more easily to any space. They do not necessarily need a large house or a large garden but can also live in a flat. It is because of this adaptability that small dogs suffer less from stress and, even if they spend a few hours alone, they don’t get bored. A valid aid to your Fido’s education is the use of Superior, the folding box by Ferplast to teach your dog to manage his own needs and to train your puppy at home in a safe, comfortable and protected environment.

Adopting a small dog at the dog shelter

Adopting a dog implies duties towards the animal. In order to adopt a puppy from the dog shelter you must first of all be an adult, as the dog, after adoption, is under the total responsibility of the new pet parent. In fact, you are asked to sign a form to ensure your commitment to give the dog all the necessary care and attention. Following adoption, you must go to the vet for routine checks, vaccinations and the creation of the dog passport. Volpino di Pomerania nella cuccia Ferplast

Adopting a dog is a big responsibility, whether it’s a small dog or a large dog. Once arrived at home, the newcomer is a member of the family and should be welcomed, educated and loved as such.


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