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It’s finally time to go on an adventure! But how can we involve our four-legged friends? Easy! We can take them with us with the help of the backpack for cats and dogs, a very practical accessory suitable for both short and long journeys.

Backpack for cats and dogs: what is it?

The backpack for cats and dogs is the natural evolution of the pet carrier. It is a bag that can be carried on the shoulders, allowing the pet parent maximum freedom of movement. There are many different types on the market, so it is very important to consider all factors and choose the right version. Your furry friend should be comfortable and snugly so that he does not feel uncomfortable inside the backpack.

Cane nello zaino Kangoo di Ferplast

Backpack characteristics

As we know, our furry friends, especially cats, are independent by nature. However, this does not exclude the possibility of enjoying a walk together in the mountains or at the seaside. Just choose the right backpack that makes them feel comfortable. Here are some features that the backpack must have:

– Capacity: choose a backpack suitable for the size of your pet. It must be neither too big nor too small.

– Fabric: opt for a washable and sanitised material that ensures the best cleanliness of the backpack.

– Ergonomics: as well as being functional, it must also ensure maximum comfort for the pet parent who wears it.

– Resistance and safety: it is important to check that the zips close perfectly and that the base of the backpack is sufficiently solid.

– Treathable material: the backpack must be equipped with strong nets to ventilate the internal space.

The important thing is to ensure maximum comfort for the animal and to make it happy. Kangoo is an example of a backpack suitable for carrying your pet. It is a backpack made of sturdy material and complete with comfortable opening and soft shoulder straps. The adjustable buckles ensure a perfect fit while the internal safety hook can be attached to the animal’s collar or harness. It is available in pink and grey and in two sizes to be chosen according to the weight of the animal.

Trasportino Kangoo Ferplast per cani di tagli piccola

An alternative to Kangoo is Trolley, available in red and blue and suitable for dogs and cats weighing up to 4kg. You can use it as a backpack carrier or as a trolley thanks to the wheels and the practical pull-out handle. In addition, the convenient front zip allows easy entry and exit of the animal and the perforated fabric ensures proper ventilation.

How to train dogs and cats to use the backpack

Once the backpack has been purchased, it is time to train your pet to its use. To avoid unnecessary stress, you need to take one step at a time. Here’s how: 

– initially propose short walks.

– leave the new backpack open in the house to encourage spontaneous exploration by the pet.

– choose a pleasant destination for the first outing, so that the animal associates the backpack with a positive experience.

– gratify the animal with a treat if he enters spontaneously with cuddles or biscuits.

– keep your backpack in the house at your pet’s disposal. Even better if you place a blanket or pillow that they usually sleep with inside. This way, the puppy will recognize its smell and identify the backpack as a friendly place.

Kangoo trasportino per gatti Ferplast

With the right precautions, getting your dogs and cats to love the backpack will be a piece of cake. This way, it will be the perfect ally to experience new adventures in their company. 

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