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Ferplast-perdita di pelo gatto
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The arrival of spring for the cat is characterised by the loss of hair, due to the increase in temperatures in fine weather.

This is often a difficult period to manage, both for the feline and the owner. The loss of a cat’s hair means that knots form on the coat, boles are difficult to digest and hairs fly around the house. To make this easier, equip yourself with a hoover and follow a few tips that may help you. 

How cat hair loss works

Cat hair loss is nothing more than a natural physiological process that occurs during the mid-seasons, in spring and autumn. However, due to global warming and rising temperatures, it can often happen that cat hair loss is continuous, with peaks during the mid-seasons.

It is very important to check, however, that your cat’s hair loss is due to environmental and seasonal factors and not to other health-related problems. During the moulting period, hair loss occurs evenly throughout the cat’s coat. If, on the other hand, you notice less shiny hair and localised areas with a sparser coat than others, you should contact your vet for a consultation. 

Ferplast perdita di pelo nel gatto

How to manage cat hair loss

Cats are very independent animals and very clean at the same time. They usually tend to manage their own personal hygiene, but in these periods characterised by coat changes it is important, where possible, to provide them with some help. 

Facilitating their grooming activities will also be crucial for their health and well-being. Hair loss in cats can in fact cause quite a few problems. As they groom themselves, shedding may result in the formation of hairballs that are very difficult to digest and can lead to disorders such as lack of appetite, vomiting and constipation. 

Brushing cat hair

Regularly brushing your cat’s hair will be of great help. This practice is usually recommended about twice a week for short-haired cats. For long-haired cats, it is good to do this three to four times a week. In addition, it is often recommended to thin their hair for more effective brushing. 

Choosing the right brushes will help you not only remove excess hair, but also improve the appearance of your cat’s coat, making it shinier and healthier. 

Ferplast pelo gatto spazzola Gro

The Ferplast Gro 5926 brush is perfect for your cat’s coat, whether long or short. It is a combination brush that has stainless steel bristles with a rounded tip on one side and soft bristles with restructuring properties on the other side to give shine and softness to your feline’s coat. 

The steel bristles not only help you remove the hair, but will have a relaxing massaging effect on the cat’s skin. 

However, cats with medium or long hair also need a carding brush, such as Gro 5955. It is essential because it will help you remove excess hair even from the undercoat, without the risk of scratching or irritating your pet’s skin. 

Ferplast perdita di pelo gatto cardatore

Taking care of your cat’s nutrition

The cat’s hair loss is often also linked to the type of diet. During these periods of shedding, it can be a good help to introduce foods such as catnip, foods containing a lot of fibre or paraffin oil into his diet. These products promote intestinal transit and can be allies in the digestion of the hair bolus.

Cat hair loss is a complex period for pet and owner, but knowing a few tips on how best to handle it can help both of you live through it more peacefully. 


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