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Ferplast cani box Superior
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Have you ever thought of buying a dog crate entirely dedicated to your four-legged friend? It is a space designed especially for our pets as a place where they feel safe and can rest.

Dog crates are an excellent solution for creating a personal area for your Fido and can be placed either inside your home, perhaps in a dedicated but not too isolated corner, or outside in a sufficiently large garden or terrace.

The advantages of having a dog crate

Many dog owners believe that the dog cartes represent a sort of prison for the pet, a place where the dog does not have the opportunity to express its character and freedom. In reality, if used correctly, these become important tools and will in no way constitute a confinement space for your pet.

On the contrary, every animal needs to feel at home with a place that it can consider entirely its own. Buying a dog box will allow him to feel safe, provide a refuge and a corner where he can comfortably relax. 

Moreover, especially when you have a puppy dog, the crate becomes essential to prevent it from doing damage or, even worse, hurting itself. It will also become a place through which it will be easier to train and educate him, teaching him, for example, how to manage his own business.

Ferplast cani box Superior cucciolo

The Superior dog crate by Ferplast

Looking for the perfect dog crate for your four-legged friend? Ferplast has created Superior, the ideal folding crate to create a space at home for your dog. 

Why choose the Superior dog crate? 

Superior crate features

If you have a new puppy in the house, don’t worry about the crate being too big or becoming too cramped for your dog over time. Superior is designed precisely for this need, since thanks to the divider panel, it adapts very easily to your puppy’s growth. In fact, the divider can be moved and the desired space can be created in this way. 

The Superior dog crate is solid and sturdy, made of strong metal and has reinforced doors with a double safety lock. It can also be used for car transport and is also very convenient due to its three openings, which provide greater flexibility of use. 

The roof can be fully opened and allows you to both pet your dog and facilitate cleaning of the playpen. The base with non-slip surface is fully washable and is equipped with a drainage system to ensure your pet always has a dry environment. It is also available in five different sizes according to the size of your adult dog.

You can take the Superior dog crate wherever you want thanks to the convenient and easy patented folding system. Superior is also equipped with non-slip rubber feet in the bottom for greater stability and 4 small wheels for moving a few metres. Finally, it is a product that protects our Planet, since it is made of recycled plastic and is part of Ferplast’s eco-sustainable line. 

Ferplast cani box Superior auto


The Superior dog crate can be accessorized with various Ferplast products. A cushion inside is ideal to ensure your dog’s convenience, comfort and relaxation. You can choose from the Tender, Tender Tech or Jolly cushions, for example.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use Superior also when travelling, a cover made of waterproof and windproof fabric will be perfect and convenient to ensure your dog’s peace and privacy during the entire journey. 

Create a space entirely dedicated to your four-legged friend and choose Superior: quality, comfort and well-being in one product. 

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