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Ferplast team sostenibilità inaugurazione impianto fotovoltaico
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The issue of sustainability has finally become a topic at the centre of political debates and battles in all western countries. For Ferplast too, it is a driver of primary importance, as the company has always firmly believed in the need to protect nature, animals and the environment that surrounds us and in which we live.

Promoting sustainable policies not only helps the company to stay ahead of the times, but above all contributes to making our planet a better place to live, for human beings but also for all the animals that inhabit it.

Ferplast’s sustainable product line

Over the years, Ferplast has always placed great emphasis on the choice of materials used to produce high-quality products for the comfort of all pets.

In the Ferplast catalogue, there are many environmentally sustainable products, such as those made of FSC™-certified wood, i.e. from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly, following strict environmental, social and economic standards. 

Instead, almost all plastic products are made from recycled material from industrial and post-consumer recycling techniques to create new environmentally sustainable materials. 

Ferplast inaugurazione pannelli solari azienda team

The new photovoltaic system at Ferplast

Last Friday, 14 April, Ferplast took a further step towards sustainability and green energy. 

The new 1 MW photovoltaic plant at the Castelgomberto headquarters, built by ECA Technology, was inaugurated. Ferplast wanted to focus on the use of energy from renewable sources this year, aligning itself with the company’s environmental protection objectives. 

We are delighted to inaugurate today a photovoltaic plant of the highest quality and power, which will contribute to safeguarding the environment in which we live and to ensuring a better future for our younger generations. A step owed to our territory, first and foremost, a further testimony of the direction taken by Ferplast some years ago, through a wise and sustainable use of raw materials,” underlined Mr. Nicola Vaccari, Ferplast’s CEO, during the inauguration event for the switch-on of the plant.

The application enables the production of approximately 1,100,000 kWh/year of electricity without the use of pollutants, reducing carbon dioxide emissions for electricity production: it can be estimated that the amount of avoided emissions will be 520 t/year of CO2 (carbon dioxide), helping to reduce the greenhouse effect significantly. 

The company’s new photovoltaic installation marks another important milestone, aiming to support the ecosystem, animals and generations to come.

Combating climate change can and must be done through the adoption of sustainable practices.

Ferplast ecosostenibilità impianto fotovoltaico

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