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Spring is at our heels and it’s nice to walk outdoors with our dogs and to stop somewhere grassy to play; it feels for us as well as for Toto, as it keeps us in shape and improves our relationship and harmony with our dogs. Our April edition of the “Instagram favourites” column is dedicated to the outdoor adventures of our furry friends after a long winter napping in front of the fireplace!

The lovely sensation of warmth waking up our bones, the scent of flowers beginning to open and the relaxing noises nature makes as it comes out of hibernation make us want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, to enjoy all these wonders. Our dogs love it too!

Our favourite Brazilian pair consists of two chihuahuas, Baloo and his younger brother Mogli. They’re inseparable, something else that makes us love to follow them as they go about in their adventures. Here they are as they enjoy the sun or attempt to make a selfie – wearing Ferplast from head to tail, obviously!



The mountains always provide us with marvellous landscapes, and here the air is cleaner and more oxygenated; we can relax far away from pollution and from our frenetic city lives. Our ambassador Ciko never misses the chance to run on the snow, while Camilla and Golia love each other so much that they exchange sweet embraces even at high altitudes!




We’re all a little envious of those who live near the sea… Like Dream, our super loyal Sicilian beagle – from Palermo, more specifically. Every free moment sees Dream begging his mummy to take him out to the beachfront: Nikita harness on and there they go, free of concerns, towards the azure crystalline waters!



We’ve noticed that French Bulldogs have an unbridled love for Ferplast and for nature! These two raven-black models seem to be super at ease, sprawling on the green grass at the park.



Why are all these tongues lolling out? Well, after running like crazy, this is the least they can do to catch their breath! These big boys seem to be in pretty good shape, as if they spent all winter working out so they can go crazy, as well they should, when the nice weather comes! Is this what you did too?




Keep on sending us photos and videos of your furry friends on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us!

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