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It’s our tradition, at the end of the year, to take a look at the past twelve months and to draw some conclusions. 2020 was a strange year but it also allowed us to spend more time with our pets and think about our future.

Sustainability and attention to the environment

We are aware of the importance of next generations and we are very proud of the work we are doing to protect our planet. In recent years, we worked hard to design products, both wood and plastic ones, in a sustainable way.

Regarding wood products, we obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, a guarantee of the origin of wood and paper. The FSC label identifies products made with raw materials coming from forests or plantations that are properly managed and controlled. On the other hand, we increased the use of recycled plastic.

Here are some of the sustainable Ferplast products, which are good for planet Earth!

Ferplast and the Products of the Year

If we have to choose products that represented this 2020, we would immediately say Puller, the educational toy for dogs in the iconic purple color, the Goodbite Natural, the bone-shaped chew toys that made furry pets of all sizes go crazy and the Nikita harness for cats!

Here are some pictures from our followers around the world who tagged us!








Established ambassadors and new entries

The Ferplast Ambassadors are becoming a wonderful team and we must admit we are everyday more in love with them.

We interviewed some of them, we got to know and we have followed them in their adventures at the sea, in the mountains and especially at home during lockdown!

To the beautiful Happy, Dexter, Dream, Levante, Guanciotto were added to the family Attila, Alex, Nino, Magoo and Mandala.







Thank you all for your support, you are special. We are always waiting for your content to be shared on social networks, tag us with @ferplast_official.

Happy 2021, we hope it will be memorable and bring you lot of luck!

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