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Cane e gatto in appartamento
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The choice of living with animals in a flat implies the respect of a series of rules.

Animals are considered to all intents and purposes sentient beings, so it is not possible to ban their possession in a condo, except in specific cases. Pet owners, however, are subject to limits and obligations for keeping animals in an apartment block.

Animals allowed in condo

Among the animals allowed in the condo there are the so-called pets, i.e. animals that have undergone a domestication process. These include dogs and cats, rodents, domestic rabbits and ferrets. Tropical fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds are also among the animals that are allowed in the building. Sometimes, however, the building regulations may ban their presence.Furetto nella gabbia Ferplast

General rules for keeping animals in a block of flats

First of all, animals must always be under the direct supervision of the owner, so that they do not damage others and the common facilities. It is also important to take care of the animal’s hygiene, his living space and his accessories.Cane nel kernel Superior di Ferplast

Dogs in apartment buildings

In the shared areas, in the lift and in the communal garden, the dog must be kept on a leash, which must not exceed one and a half metres, and muzzled. The obligations of a good pet parent also include cleanliness. To avoid unpleasant odours, your dog’s waste must be collected, even if you have your own garden. If your dog is particularly lively, it is your duty to take him for a walk at least a couple of times a day so that he can let off steam. Finally, the dog should not be left on his own for too long, otherwise he could whine and barg, which will undermine the peace and quiet in the neighborhood. If the dog barks a lot, the owner should soundproof the room in order to reduce the noice.Dettaglio guinzaglio Flippy One di Ferplast

Cats in condo

Cats are more independent animals than dogs, so it is more difficult to control them. However, as with other animals, cats must be kept under control by their owners. They must ensure that they do not disturb other people and, above all, that they do not cause any damage. The cat cannot be left alone on the balcony for too long, under penalty of the offence of ‘omitted custody’.Gatto sul balcone

Therefore, animals in a condo must always be under the direct supervision of pet parents. They must prevent ‘annoying’ behaviour in order to ensure good cohabitation with the neighborhood.

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