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Cane con Goodbite di Ferplast in bocca
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The dog bite is a defensive attitude that can result from many factors, including, unfortunately, an incorrect education.

A dog bite can be a more or less serious injury, depending on the size of the animal. It occurs when the dog is particularly annoyed or feels threatened.

What is a dog bite?

We can define a dog bite as an injury of a traumatic nature, the severity of which depends on the size of the animal, his actual intentions and the site of the bite.

A dog bite can be superficial, requiring a simple disinfection, or it can cause a full-blown infection.
The wound should be examined by a doctor who may prescribe antibiotics. Especially if the dog is potentially infected. In severe cases, a dog bite can expose the individual to the risk of rabies and tetanus, for which vaccination is necessary.Cane gioca con Puller di Ferplast

Causes of dog bite

There are many causes for a dog to bite:

  • it feels threatened or trapped and therefore defends himself
  • is annoyed while eating or sleeping
  • perceives a certain behaviour as an invasion of his territory
  • incorrect training technique

Large dogs and dogs trained to attack are more dangerous because of the intensity of the wounds they can cause.

How to prevent a dog bite

Preventing a dog bite starts with us and our behaviour. First of all, if we see that our dog is particularly nervous and seems to have the intention of biting, we should keep calm, avoid making gestures that could stress him further and move away from the stimulus that caused the reaction. Go to a quiet place and distract him with some kibble.

On the other hand, there is a real risk of being bitten if the dog adopts certain attitudes: growling, grinding his teeth, tensing his whole body and staring. In such cases, you should move away from the dog without running. Remember that dogs will instinctively chase you and follow you if you run.

When approaching a dog for the first time, you must be careful and avoid behaviour that might frighten him. Indeed, dogs’ reactions are unpredictable. It is therefore important to ask the owners’ permission before approaching a dog and to avoid any sudden movements. Unexpected stimuli and movements can make the dog aggressive.

Dental games to avoid dog bites

To promote conscious play and fun, Ferplast has come up with Smile, a dental game that stimulates chewing and relieves stress. It also helps reduce plaque and tartar thanks to the action of bicarbonate crystals. Smile can also be filled with kibble, which makes it irresistible and tasty.Cane con gioco Smile di Ferplast

Or the Goodbite Natural, chewing toys in various flavours and sizes, designed as an effective stress reliever: they satisfy the constant desire to chew and keep teeth clean.Cane con Goodbite di Ferplast

To prevent a dog bite, it is necessary to study his behaviour and understand his body language. In any case, you should be cautious whenever you meet a dog you do not know, as it is impossible to predict his behaviour.


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