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Everybody knows that dogs love to follow their humans around no matter what they’re doing. They wake us up in the morning, they keep us company as we go jogging or go out with friends… Why not take them to work as well? It’s a positive experience at so many levels, and understanding why isn’t rocket science, but let’s try and understand it anyway.

More and more people are taking their dogs to work. Workplaces are increasingly becoming more pet-friendly, from shops to hotels and offices. Taking your pet to work with you offers several benefits:

1) It reduces stress. As shown by a study by Virginia Commonwealth University, the presence of a pet in the workplace markedly reduces stress levels. The sheer act of looking at their cute little noses is reassuring and makes people feel less lonely, while caressing pets helps release tension and helps our bodies release relaxation hormones.


2) It improves interpersonal relationships. When a co-worker brings a cute pet to work, everybody ends up being captivated by their friendliness, and the general mood is likely to improve. Dogs inspire teamwork, plus pets are great conversation starters if you’re dealing with someone you’d never have the chance to talk to before.


3) We work longer when our pet is around. The presence of our dog in the workplace makes us more productive: we’re always more rested and concentrated after a pause to take the dog out.


Of course, when taking your dog to work, make sure he’s kept in a leash, or at least not free to go on a rampage in the office: respecting your co-workers’ space is a must. Take a dog bed or cushion so your friend can nap comfortably, such as a fabric sofa you can place under your desk.

Ferplast’s Fashion bed collection is perfect for this purpose: in addition to being very comfortable, they’re also fun to look at, with their lively and colourful prints, adding a pinch of light to any office. Suitable for small and medium dogs, these beds have cosy side walls, and come with an inner double-faced mattress. They’re all machine-washable at low temperatures.

ferplast_cuscini_fashion cuscini_fashion_ferplast

This is how our friend Trilly behaves in the company of her “mummy”, Laura, who owns a beauty salon. Trilly has unsurprisingly become everybody’s mascot – just look at her little nose and see if you can refrain from smiling and from petting her.

benefici portare cane al lavoro

portare il cane al lavoro benefici

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