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Chatter chatter chatter, right in the middle of the night: this noise means our hamsters are busy. They come out from their little houses when it’s dark outside, and start moving around. Some chew and gnaw, some run on their wheel, some wiggle their way here and there… There are plenty of toys for hamsters you can choose from, to help them stretch their legs and preserve their teeth. Let’s take a look!

  • The wheel. When we think of hamsters, it’s the wheel that comes to mind first. This toy is crucial in any respectable hamster cage, as rodents need some serious exercising. To keep your hamsters healthy, the wheel should be made of plastic, without any openings in which their little paws might accidentally get stuck.hamster toys and wheels
  • The tunnel and the bridge. You can’t deny a tunnel or a little bridge to those hamsters that love hiding and wiggling through this and that. They’ll make their little home more pleasant, with plenty of holes in which to for hamsters tunnels and bridges
  • Living quarters. The more room they have available, the better. All modular hamster cages can be expanded by adding tubes and living modules, such as Ferplast’s Gym, a mini gym that increases the surface of the cage and keeps hamsters busy thanks to the wheel inside.gym exercise habitat for hamsters by ferplast
  • Gnawing toys. These toys are fundamental for the health of hamsters, whose front teeth never stop growing and must therefore be worn by gnawing. Gnawing toys come in various shapes and materials: there are wooden balls, sticks, coloured pencils, fruits and vegetables; then there are those of the Goodbite Tiny & Natural line by Ferplast, made of a special 100% natural material designed by Ferplast to provide safe, hygienic, non-toxic, mould-repellent toys for your pets. Among the available models are sticks, carrots, corncobs, apples and wedges of cheese, to add a touch of colour to their cage.nibbling and chewing toys for hamsters
  • Toys for use outside the cage. Our rodent friends can also explore the world outside their cage, if the proper precautions are taken. Inside Balloon, the see-through plastic sphere available in different sizes, they can run safely around the house, without the risk of running away or getting hurt. Balloon comes with holes for proper air circulation. But leaving your hamster unattended is never a good idea: you never know where it can end up!hamster exercise plastic ball

Playing is good for anyone’s health. Even hamsters live longer and better if they’re happy! 

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