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Consigli per la crescita di un gatto adulto
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Although pets are forever our puppies and kittens, animals also become adults. A cat, for example, is adult at the age of one year.

When the cat has reached one year of age, it is considered an adult cat. The transition to adulthood involves a number of changes in cat’s lifestyle.Gatto adulto mangia da ciotole Ferplast

The transition to adulthood in the cat

During the first months of life, the cat undergoes very rapid changes.
At the age of one month, the cat is already actively engaged in play, which is very important for socialization, that he develops fully between three and six months.
Once he reaches adulthood, between nine months and a year, the cat remains lively, but at the same time is able to control his instincts, especially when interacting with others.

What does an adult cat eat?

During the first few months, your cat needs to eat substantial food little and often, mostly protein and fat to meet his calorie requirements. Growing requires a significant amount of energy.
Gattino mangia dalle ciotole Ferplast

The adult cat, on the other hand, especially if neutered, needs less food, as he grows more slowly and his metabolism begins to slow down. When switching from kitten food to adult cat food, it is important to keep an eye on the weight.

Clever and Happy toys from Ferplast

Playing is strongly linked to feeding in the cat. In order for the adult cat to stay fit, he must be stimulated to daily exercise; he can, for example, with games containing kibble, to combine hunger, curiosity and movement. 

Toys in Ferplast’s Clever&Happy range stimulate body and mind.

Discover, for example, like Trea and Duo, is the skill game with kibble hiding place developed to support the adult cat’s predatory instinct and force him to eat more slowly. Gatto adulto gioca Discover di Ferplast

Carousel, on the other hand, is a fun pastime for dull moments: it stimulates curiosity, develops dexterity and dispenses biscuits as it rolls and bounces. The transparent lid makes the cat see the contents, be attracted and play with it.Gatto adulto gioca con Carousel di Ferplast

There also are toys that stimulate hunting instinct and keep the cat fit, such as Tornado, a merry-go-round with a double ball track and a plush ball attached to the central column that moves with each paw.Gatto adulto gioca con Tornado di Ferplast

The transition from puppy to adult cat requires care and attention to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Food Eating and playing are fundamental for maintaining a fit and happy cat.

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