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Convivenza cane e gatto: i consigli di Ferplast
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Who doesn’t know the saying ‘to be like cats and dogs’, referring to two people who can’t stand each other? However, despite the fact that these two animals are perceived as, cohabitation between the two is possible, as long as certain factors are taken into account.

Cats and dogs living together is an experience that puts the pet family to the test, but thanks to good management of space, time and accessories, it can be very satisfying.

Factors influencing cat and dog cohabitation

Whenever a pet, whether dog or cat, becomes part of an already established pet family, it can lead to an alteration in the balance of the home. Before adopting another pet, it is a good idea to take into account the temperament of the dog or cat that we already have at home with us. 

One of the factors that influence cohabitation is the breed. There are, in fact, very territorial breeds of dog, such as the Terrier, which find it hard to share the house with other animals. The opposite happens with Labrador or Golden Retriever, that love socializing.

Furthermore, if your dog or cat does not particularly like interacting with younger animals, whether of their own species or not, the arrival of a puppy can create some problems.Cane e gatto dormono insieme

Advice on making it easy for cats and dogs living together

Space management

If you want your cats and dogs living together peacefully, you need to ensure that they are both able to enjoy their freedom, especially in common areas. 

Before bringing the two animals together, it is important to prepare a special place for both of them to take refuge and be alone. For dogs, Superior by Ferplast, the foldable kennel, useful both as a den and as an educational tool, can be very useful. For the cat, on the other hand, a kennel and a cushion, such as Scott by Ferplast, with soft padding and machine washable, are perfect.Cane e gatto insieme nel cortile di casa

Do not rush

Cohabitation between cats and dogs must be approached gradually. At least for the first times, leave shelves at your cat’s disposal, so that he has the possibility to go there to observe the situation from above or to take refuge in case he feels threatened. A high scratching post with a kennel can also be a solution. 

Initially, it is not advisable to leave your dog and cat free: the dog may see the cat as potential prey, making cohabitation really impossible. 

For the first meeting, it is better to keep your dog on the leash and at a safe distance from your cat, teaching him not to chase or steal his food. In the first few days the two animals should not come into close contact; their accessories can be exchanged, so that one can smell the other and slowly get used to it. Dog and cat can only be left alone when they show no signs of aggression.

Separation of accessories

Dogs and cats should each have their own food and water bowls, perhaps in different places of the house. Jolie by Ferplast, made of steel, is suitable for both dogs and cats, is available in three sizes and comes complete with a plastic stand. It can hold dry food, wet food and water. Alternatively, there is Glam, made of sturdy plastic, available in different colours and sizes.Cane davanti a ciotole Ferplast per cibo e acqua

Cats and dogs living together is possible, but it is also delicate. It is up to each pet parent to know how best to manage their first encounters, in order to create a long and peaceful friendship.

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