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Coming back from the holidays, we have more to do than unpacking and sighing with nostalgia while reminiscing about the beautiful days at the beach: we must also take care of our pets. This is the perfect time to clean our fish tank.

Fish are autonomous pets that can live without us for a few days without a problem, thanks to automatic food dispensers such as Chef Pro. But their tank must be cleaned periodically, as it’s more than a simple glass container filled with water: a fish tank is a living ecosystem.

Filter, aerator and pump are not enough.

At least once a week, the bottom must be syphoned using the syphon, a sort of vacuum cleaner that eliminates dead leaves and the brown sediment that deposits on the bottom, thus keeping the tank in perfect hygienic conditions.

The glass walls must also be cleaned from algae using magnetic brushes, indispensable to remove dirt and incrustations as well. These come in different shapes and can also be used to clean plastic tanks.

Upon your return from your holidays, it’s also a good idea to rinse under running water the first layer of Perlon wool or sponge and to replace the bag of active carbon or the black sponge in the absorbent modules of the filter. To replace the water, keep your eyes out for an upcoming post, with a step-by-step description of what to do.


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