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The mountains are finally covered in snow! In your enthusiasm to hit the slopes, have you decided to surprise your dog and take him to see this wonderful white expanse? No-one ever forgets their “first snow day” and we are sure that it is no exception for your dog, who is sure to have an unforgettable experience. Here are some useful tips to make your first day on the snow even more memorable!

There is a special bond between dogs and the snow, as our furry friends almost always go crazy upon seeing the soft mantle – running, digging, rolling and tumbling about like crazy! But why do they love snow so much?

Why do dogs love the snow?

When the snow falls, the environment is different, the smells change; it is quite an unusual landscape, with each new feature generating great curiosity in our four-legged friends. Our pooches are bursting with the desire to explore and experience a thousand adventures on a discovery of this new dimension. Snow represents a novel sensory experience, stimulating the senses of our puppy even more. Not only that, but the snow is a real playground for the dog!

Games to play with your dog in the snow

If it is the first time your dog has been out in the snow, you don’t have to worry about him being bored – there are so many games and activities to do that it will be even easier than usual to keep him entertained! The best game to play on the snow is definitely running: let him off the leash so he can be free to run, roll and jump. Chase after him and play at ambushes, seeking to create a deeper bond between you, as you see his eyes light up looking at you, his close-knit accomplice. If your pooch loves challenges, try the sniffer game: hide one of his toys under a layer of snow and encourage your pet to find the treasure!

Precautions to take when out in the snow with your dog

As we have said many times, it is essential to pay attention to Fido’s paws, which can crack and bleed when coming in contact with the snow and ice. Protective shoes are very useful in this case, with a non-slip rubber sole so the dog can spend time safely and risk-free out in the snow. If your darling doggy has short fur, it is essential to use a waterproof and padded coat. If you let your pet off the leash, do ensure that there are no skiers or other people nearby to prevent the dog from cutting in front of those travelling at speed and causing an accident. If it is the first time out in the snow, try not to overdo it by keeping the dog outdoors for too many hours – if you see that he is starting to tremble and his movements begin to slow down, take him somewhere warm immediately, as this means that the day out on the snow is over!

Are you ready to spend a day of utter fun in the snow with Fido? Let us know how you’re your pooch reacts!

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