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There are so many dogs and cats looking for families. Have you ever considered doing a good deed and saving these poor furry creatures from a life without affection? Taking home a dog or a cat that has been living in a kennel or shelter is the best thing you could ever do – a gift to the animal, but also to yourself!

We know the benefits of living with a four-legged friend – it fills our life with joy and love, improves our mood and also requires a good dose of commitment and responsibility.

Why adopt an abandoned animal?

Kennels and shelters are often bursting with pure-bred and mixed-breed cats and dogs, be they puppies and kittens or more mature creatures, all anxiously waiting to find a forever family ready to adopt and take care of them.

Here are some points in favour of adopting a foundling:

1) You save a life by offering a safe environment to a puppy who is truly in need.

2) Dogs living in kennels are often fully-grown and have already learned the basic rules of behaviour.

3) All animals are constantly under the watchful eye of veterinarians. Prior to being adopted, they undergo all compulsory vaccinations, microchipping, sterilisation, and so on – and all at the expense of the association.

4) Cats held in care are already accustomed to living in a home environment.

5) Operators working in shelters or kennels know the character of the animal living in the structure, so they will be able to guide us in making a selection according to our needs.

Adopt a dog remotely

There are various forms of adoption, one of them is distance adoption. This is the perfect solution for those without a spacious house with a welcoming garden, or for people lacking in the time needed to care for a four-legged friend. It is great to be aware of this, but you can still do a good deed by offering remote help to dogs and cats in need.

In Italy, there are several associations such as Lega del Cane, Lav and ENPA that offer the possibility to adopt a dog at a distance. A contribution of 10-15 euro per month is enough to support the animals taken in and destined to remain for a longer period – these are animals that are perhaps elderly, sick or with behavioural problems that require prolonged care or that would have difficulty living in a family environment due to trauma suffered in the past.

And do not think for an instant that adoptions of this kind are not able to provide as much joy than full adoption. Long-distance love can work out!

Share the love

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