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The summer heat not only puts us to the test, but also our beloved animals. There are many symptoms that show that animals suffer in the summer season, and decreased appetite and thirst are two of them.

So let’s see why it is important to hydrate cats in summer.

Cat’s physical needs

Cats are normally animals that drink very little. Because of this, they are prone to dehydration problems and urinary tract complications such as cystitis, gallstones and kidney failure.

They usually consume a lot of dry food, such as kibble, and this does not help them in their fluid intake. This is why it is necessary for pet-parents to intervene by giving them something to drink very often and encouraging them.

How to help your cat to drink

We in the first instance can help our cats drink by always providing them with fresh water, changed regularly. 

If we happen to be absent more frequently in summer, it is necessary to change the water before going out. A good idea would be to put an ice cube inside, which will melt quickly and leave the water really fresh.


If you ever notice your cat’s indifference to the water bowl, don’t worry! It is precisely a cat’s natural disposition that leads him to prefer other sources of water.

In fact, felines much prefer to drink from taps or continuous water sources. For this reason, the Vega drinking fountain is just the right solution for your pet! It ensures a continuous recycling of water, while at the same time intriguing the cat. It is a perfect solution that combines a spring effect with filtered, constantly moving water.


Furthermore, in the warmer season it is best to choose food with a higher liquid content. To help with this, broth, possibly tuna broth, can be added to our pet’s favourite food.

Useful tips for proper cat nutrition in summer

In addition to ensuring that your kitten always has fresh water, there are other tips to help your pet take in more fluids.

1. Reduce food portions

Due to the high temperatures, your cat’s metabolism slows down, resulting in a lack of appetite. Try decreasing the daily portion of food so as not to burden your cat.


2. Alternate foods

Alternate dry and wet food. By doing so, the cat will have a varied diet and take in all the essential nutrients for his health.

3. Choose digestible foods

Choose foods that are easily digestible and have the correct amount of minerals and vitamins. It is a good idea to prefer top-quality ingredients with a low percentage of preservatives.

In conclusion, it is very important that your cat gets the correct amount of fluids, especially in hot weather. For this reason, ensure that kennels, water and food bowls are placed in cool, sheltered places in the shade.

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