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Why does the cat do his business on the bed? Decoding the messages behind the actions of cats is not always easy, they are cryptic animals and often behave in a strange way, just like when they decide to leave us an unwelcome surprise on the bed or on the sofa. Let’s understand together the causes of this behavior and how to remedy it.

The cat pees on the bed and on the sofa: causes

The uncastrated male cats have the habit of peeing to mark the territory, except for this category of cats and their “justified reason”, it is important to understand what drives a normal cat to do so. Here are the main causes that answer why the cat pees on the bed.


If the cat isn’t well, for example he has a urinary tract infection or cystitis, he will not be able to contain the stimulus and therefore will do his business in the place where he is. Older cats, in particular, are those who suffer most from incontinence and have difficulty in using the litter box.


There may be psychological problems behind this attitude: cats suffering from separation anxiety or loneliness curl up on the bed and feel so comfortable that they decide to use it also as a toilet.
Stressed cats or those who have recently had a trauma could do their business on the bed as a form of spite; in all this also boredom and frustration play a decisive role in making the feline pee in the less suitable places. It may be that something unpleasant happened to him while he was using the litter box, a sudden loud noise, thunder…


In most cases, if the cat does his business everywhere except in his litter box it is because the cat has something wrong.
There are several aspects to keep in mind: the size and location of the toilet, the type of bedding and general hygiene. If the litter is dirty and smells too strong, if the toilet is too small and is located in a place that the cat does not appreciate, it happens that our pet rebels and finds our bed with fresh sheets more to his liking of laundry.

How to prevent the cat from peeing on the bed

If the cause is related to anxiety and loneliness, when you are away from home, make sure that the cat always has funny games and activities to distract himself, on your return try to spend as much time with him, perhaps giving up going out with your friends. Eventually leave him with a trusted person or try to adopt another companion, maybe they become inseparable friends like in the video of the two famous four-legged tenderly embracing each other that having a big success on the web!

Another tip is to make available several raised places where the cat can find his own space to rest and control the situation from above. Buy if you need a scratching post like those of Ferplast, which in addition to having a sisal surface that allows the feline to sharpen his nails, is complete with cathouse, shelves and toy.

If the cat does his business on the bed because he hates his toilet, you just have to buy a new one more spacious and to leave it in an area of the house not much passing, even the cats need privacy in those moments! Also opt for a perfume-free litter and remember to clean it often, for this reason we suggest you to choose a toilet box with sieve, like Ariel Plus, to avoid wasting sand. If more cats live together in the house, the queen rule is that you have to have as many toilettes as there are furry.

Do not lose hope, let alone patience, with the right measures the cat will stop doing his business on the bed or on the sofa!

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