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Gatto stressato sopra il computer del padrone
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Cats, unlike dogs, like to be alone. This is why many cats have developed a form of nervous stress caused by their owners’ smart working. This form of remote working has changed animals’ habits since they were used to parents being at work all day long.

As independent and solitary animals, cats suffer from the constant presence of their owner at home. They perceive their presence as an invasion of space and a restriction of freedom.

Why is your cat stressed?

According to a New York Times research, cases of stressed cats have increased during the pandemic. Cats are creatures of habit, so any change in their normal routine leads to an alteration in their mood. If, before pandemic, the cat was able to move freely around the house, choosing the most isolated and quiet places as a refuge, now those occupied rooms may limit his freedom.Gatto stressato dorme accanto al computer

Signs of stress in cats

Stress in cats can cause not only mood disorders, but also health problems, mostly affecting the urinary tract. In males, for example, has been observed an increase in cases of obstructed bladders. This leads to difficulty in urinating and to do it in unusual places. In both males and females, however, cystitis has become more frequent.

How to help a stressed cat

To relieve the feeling of anxiety in a stressed cat, the first thing to do is to create a safe environment. We can choose the least busy places in the house and furnish them cat-friendly.Gatto arancione cucciolo sopra al computer

We can furnish the space with a comfortable kennel. Sofà Tweed, for example, the thermoplastic resin kennel, has a padded fabric cover, which is resistant, easily removable and washable

Lastly, give him some toys to spend the time, so he can enjoy himself and not think about our “intrusive” presence. A good idea could be a scratching post.
If we don’t have much space, we can choose a medium-sized scratching post, such as Ferplst’s 55 cm high scratching post with a base covered in synthetic fur and a sisal post.Gatto stressato su tiragraffi Ferplast

A cat stressed by our constant presence in the house needs a little extra attention to get back to being happy and carefree.

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